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She stayed away from him during the restraining order. Chris Brown lately has only been in the news for very positive issues. Many fans were wondering what it would be like if Avril and Rihanna had a duet in her song Cheers (Drink to That).
One of the thrilling moments artists come across with involves revision of their songs. For them, this is an indication that they did a good job with their rendition that other artists get their inspiration from. Simply put, this tells that they have created an impact; their songs particularly.

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If you are a fan of classic rock, then Los Santos Rock Radio is the station for you. Kenny Loggins is the DJ and the station features music from Bob Seeger, Def Leoard, Queen, Stevei Nicks, Elton John, and Steve Miller Band are just some of the artists featured on the station. Steve Miller’s bank robbing anthem “Take the money and run” would be a choice jam to play while on the run from the cops after a robbery as well.

According to the police report, during the argument Rihanna ordered Chris to drive her home and “faked a call” to someone, saying things like, “He’s dropping me off. Make sure the cops are there,” reports TMZ. This supposedly enraged Chris.

In a new Jan. 29 Contact Music report on the brawl, Brown’s possible arrest and conviction of assaulting Frank Ocean would complicate matters significantly for Breezy’s legal team.

With plenty of the constant lip-biting, SNL-esque script reading, and mom/minister name dropping Brown appears to be filling the air with “real” apologies. Everybody should know that Brown’s reps are trying to do damage control (Although somewhat late, don’t you think? Did they think it would just blow over? Did it?), and re-establish the twenty-year old artist as a household (not beating his girlfriend) name. But can a video apology (which unlike live recordings, are taped over and over until getting the right take) be the answer to this type of violence?

For all the hype Brown and Rihanna had as music stars, and all that they have faced since the scandal broke out, it is hard to remember that they are still young. Rihanna is 21 now, with Brown just 19. This may be why Oprah is putting the domestic violence spotlight on teenagers and the young for this show.

Brown, 24, emphatically denied the hit-and-run charges via Twitter this morning, claiming he did everything right, and the other driver is just trying to get a big payday out of the singer.

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