Why Bjp Is Still Not The Party Of The Poor?

But you have forgotten the way to Bihar because your government is engaged in breaking you up and not in developmental works. This is a memorial dedicated to Shah Jahan, the county’s Prime Minister. And what’s more – on these new roads will be cars.
The Shillong lad has made the people of the hilly terrain to swell with proud. Watching the public response in the Indian Idol III towards him was amazing and exemplary. The hilly state known by Khasi and Jaintia communities going berserk against a Bengali lad is something which is hardly seen.

When I returned back to my home as usual day I started my television. Usually journey of my remote control starts with Zee TV and ends at MTV. My parents were not at home they returned home at 6:00 PM and as they entered they ordered me to switch over to Aaj Tak. I thought that one more terrorist attack has happened but story was different all channels were broadcasting the live telecast of pulling out mission of a 5 year old boy Prince. He was in a 57 feet deep hole from last two days. I did not take too much time to understand the complete situation. I was really amazed that how whole nation (including Prime Minister) was doing prayer for a child.

18 MLAs among the four are independants quite unexpectedly to the shock of the Yogi Adityanath and to the National leadership have reportedly tendered letters of withdrawal of support to the Governor H.R.Bharadwaj incidentally he was former Congress man and former Union Minister and have fled the city – first to Chennai and when spotted there by the Reddy brothers industrial tycoons and Ministers of Karnataka, evading them flew to Kochi and when media people and irate BJP followers espied on them fled to Mumbai and the journey might end in Goa, even America. (The journey actually ended in Goa as per the latest reports) At whose expense these fellows are shuttling in between various cities, I don’t know.

In this regard, Debojit Saha who represented Assam from the region Silchar in the Sa Re Ga Ma musical show is a classic example. He won the title with the support of the state. The volume of the votes that he garnered overshadowed his rival. Not to mention the bad mouth of the judges helped him winning the show. Regional media captured the news giving the people of the state to get united in the musical maha sangram.

People used to love to see his batting. He was known for his big shots. His fours and sixes. He was in class seven or eight. He was scoring big runs. Around that ground we have our houses also. People used to go their terraces to see his match. Quite a number of people used to come too.

Purim occurs on the 14th day of Hebrew calendar’s sixth month Adar. The day comes one day after the liberation of the Jews. As per Jewish norm, 2 different foodstuffs must be offered to a person and 2 charity donations must be given to 2 deprived persons. In some particular places the gifting is a main function of the celebration. Food items or cash equivalent to the cost of a meal can be given as a Purim gift. It is mandatory for the Jews to give charitable donations to other deprived individuals although they themselves are poor.

The native is a leading law expert and senior advocate of Supreme Court. In his chart lagna & 2nd lord Saturn conjoins 6th-9th lord exalted Mercury in 9th house. The 3rd-12th lord Jupiter conjoins 7th lord Moon in 10th house to form Gajkesari yoga and aspects 2nd & 6th house. Thus it makes a clean Vidhi yoga. Combust Venus in 8th house caused his wife to die early. The Venus is 5th lord and is depositor of Jupiter as well. Hence he has only one daughter, who is also a leading lawyer. His strong 9th and 10th houses gave him a prominent political role also. He has been member of Rajya Sabha and union law minister under BJP rule.

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