Why Art Is Not Fashion

The fact that the bat bit back, requiring Osbourne to undergo rabies treatments, kept him from ever attempting it on purpose. He joined Ian Hunter’s band, Jay joined Rod Stewart, and Axe was in my future.
We are finishing up the last of the recording on the new studio CD right now. It’s been a bit since we released a studio CD . Got some nice, raw tracks going, and the majority of the tunes are all brand new material. Bootsy is going to be the executive producer again like the first two, and got some cool cameos on the disc such as Bernie Worrell, Bootsy, Jen Durkin from The Rhythm Devils/ Deep Banana Blackout, and a couple of other pretty cool ones which we will talk about more as we get closer to the release date. We have been touring quite a bit since the last CD “The Air Is Fresher Underground”, so been nice getting some of that heaviness on tape. We’ll probably be putting up a ruff mix or two up at our MySpace page soon.

Opening the article is Bono, who gives his top 10 of is favorite songs from David Bowie including “Starman” and “Fame”. Ozzy Osbourne named his favorite Beatles songs including “Eleanor Rigby” and “The Long and Winding Road”. The songs of Stevie Wonder was given props by producer Mark Ronson, who listed songs such as “As” and “Living for the City” as among his favorites. Meanwhile, Patti Smith listed her favorite love songs from Bob Dylan including “Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands” and “Visions of Johanna”. This is just a few of artists who listed favorite songs from other artists, but some also listed favorite songs from various music styles.

Shell Shock – New Order (Pretty in Pink) This song is a good representation of most 80s New Order work as is Thieves LIke Us, which was also used in Pretty in Pink. But it was a third New Order song in the film, Elegia, which conveyed an ominous and serious tone to a scene in the school hallway. Not your typical danceable New Order song but really effective here. An underrated band that made some excellent records from ’83-’89.

The grand finale starts tonight on Fox at 8 PM EST, and we will have our next American Idol for 2009. Finalists, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen seemed to really become good friends throughout this competition and stated that they were just going to give their all and not focus so much on competing. They both came out strong while performing three songs each, but Adam scored better according to Simon winning two rounds out of the three.

One of my other favorites actually was introduced to me by my mother. The Princess Bride. Released in 1987, this Rob Reiner film appeals to both genders as well. Action, adventure, comedy and romance all rolled into one.

Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour releases “About Face”, his second solo album, in March. It includes two songs co-written by Who guitarist Pete Townshend, as well as musical backing from Steve Winwood, and members of Toto and Deep Purple.

Well, I did have to end that way, now, didn’t I? What would life be like without music to inspire us, to keep us going? Life is about passion, whether that’s music or something else. Dance to your own music, that’s truly what living well is all about.

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