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Suddenly Yogi Adityanath was shown running at the television screen towards the well where operation was going on. He raised the issue of the Indian money stashed in the Swiss banks. My father sometimes used to go to see his matches.

Before entering into the discussions on this topic, one should clearly understand the concepts of birth, life and death and certain concepts like thought. Let us first have a brief look on the above aspects to have a clear outlook on the topic of Re-Birth.

Anna Hazare: Born on 15th June 1937, Kisan Baburao Hazare popularly known as Anna Hazare is a fire breathing social activist and a prominent leader of 2011-12 Indian anti-corruption movement. He re-revolutionized Indian society through his non-violent methods like fasting and candle march. The next three months are about growth, in his personal as well as professional sphere. His warm and affable nature will help him win people over, which in turn makes things very easy for him. There might be an unexpected turn of events, sometime in June 2013, for which he must be prepared well in advance. Do not be wary of change for everything new that happens in his life this year will only serve to make things better.

Corruption is yet another factor that has denied the growth of this nation. Today there’s hardly any sector we can call-corruption free. Talking about this issue, I would also like to remember the movement, ‘India Against Corruption.’ Forgetting the tragic end it had in aspiring to be a political party, I still am not sure, how far this movement has contributed to the growth of the nation. On the periphery, it looks as though this movement made more damage to the stability of the nation than any positive effect. New and variety of scams, that come into light daily, give us an idea of the dark future of this nation.

2006: as the year starts to wind down, India is just two years short of inaugurating a network of roads that is 14,000 miles long and that will completely change the infrastructure of the country. The big cities of Calcutta, Madras, Bombay and Dehli will be linked together that no one could ever have thought possible. And what’s more – on these new roads will be cars. Lots and lots of cars. An estimated 600 autos for every 1000 people. In the next 25 years it’s projected that more cars will be sold in India than in the countries entire history. By the year 2030, India will be the third largest market in the world, tucked closely behind China and the United States.

The point that I am making is that agreed that our contest is political, but the basic fight is ideological. The battle is with that ideology, which is hell-bent on dividing the nation. It is the same story in Bihar. Here you were divided on the basis of caste, community. Nobody talked about development. And you are being further misled by fictitious claims that the state has moved ahead of the nation’s developmental indices.

18 MLAs among the four are independants quite unexpectedly to the shock of the Yogi Adityanath and to the National leadership have reportedly tendered letters of withdrawal of support to the Governor H.R.Bharadwaj incidentally he was former Congress man and former Union Minister and have fled the city – first to Chennai and when spotted there by the Reddy brothers industrial tycoons and Ministers of Karnataka, evading them flew to Kochi and when media people and irate BJP followers espied on them fled to Mumbai and the journey might end in Goa, even America. (The journey actually ended in Goa as per the latest reports) At whose expense these fellows are shuttling in between various cities, I don’t know.

Malik Baloch said in stead of praising the achievements of the A.F.B. a group of people were busy overtime trying to cast our works in a poor light. “I was receiving phone calls from these people, who were engaged in back-biting, all the time,” he complained.

The chief minister blamed the central government for the state’s poor financial position. “The 13th Finance Commission has done injustice with the state,” Dhumal said. “The centre has been given a 125 percent raise over the 12th Finance Commission. We have merely got a 50 percent hike. Some states got more than 150 percent.” During his budget speech last year, Dhumal said out of the total budget, only 32.95 percent would be utilised for development activities, the rest would go towards meeting the liabilities on account of salaries, pensions, interests and loans.

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