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Due to his ignorance he may be satisfied with a meagre manual job. This hotel is situated at 25 New Agra, Dayalbah Rd., Agra India. It was TATA who knew the Indian middle class need and market needs.

The Shillong lad has made the people of the hilly terrain to swell with proud. Watching the public response in the Indian Idol III towards him was amazing and exemplary. The hilly state known by Khasi and Jaintia communities going berserk against a Bengali lad is something which is hardly seen.

Purim occurs on the 14th day of Hebrew calendar’s sixth month Adar. The day comes one day after the liberation of the Jews. As per Jewish norm, 2 different foodstuffs must be offered to a person and 2 charity donations must be given to 2 deprived persons. In some particular places the gifting is a main function of the celebration. Food items or cash equivalent to the cost of a meal can be given as a Purim gift. It is mandatory for the Jews to give charitable donations to other deprived individuals although they themselves are poor.

Two weeks earlier I had my first encounter with the Tunku and had spent several hours talking about the Burmese Rohinga refugees, while he tape-recorded it with a mini-tape recorder (very rare to see in 1978).

At 38, Akhilesh Yadav will be the youngest CM of Uttar Pradesh. The SP parliamentary board will meet on Saturday March 10 to formally decide and announce the CM of Uttar Pradesh. Even, Akhilesh Yadav added to the suspense today by evading questions on the chief ministership issue.

To give a new dimension to his efforts, Pt. Kamal Shrimali organized a grand gathering of Astrologers in Metro like Mumbai. Astrologers from all over india participated in this event. Yogi Adityanath of Maharashtra acknoledged the greatness of Astrology by attending the function of Chief Guest. It is impossible to describe in words how the yogi adityanath showered his affection on public.

2006: as the year starts to wind down, India is just two years short of inaugurating a network of roads that is 14,000 miles long and that will completely change the infrastructure of the country. The big cities of Calcutta, Madras, Bombay and Dehli will be linked together that no one could ever have thought possible. And what’s more – on these new roads will be cars. Lots and lots of cars. An estimated 600 autos for every 1000 people. In the next 25 years it’s projected that more cars will be sold in India than in the countries entire history. By the year 2030, India will be the third largest market in the world, tucked closely behind China and the United States.

Years ago, when I was in a poor village in Raichur, Karnataka, for a month long experience, as for the requirement of my studies, I came across a boy named Basava, aged 9, was under bonded labour. On the day of my departure from the village, he came running to me asking, “Sir I too want to study. I too want to be like others. Will you help me? Listening to the boy, my conscience was shaken and challenged. There are thousands of them seeking for liberty, struggling under various bondages, in our nation. Can we do something about these people? Will they some day be able to feel the taste of the spirit of democracy.

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