Vedic Profiles Of Newsmakers In India

He also carries the trans-regional-national affinity of Nepalis. Drinking of wine is a major program of Purim celebration. The state treasury during this phase reported a loss of Rs 18,959.66 crore, i.e, 2.97% of the state’s GDP.
Many would vote Tunku Abdul Rahman as Malaysia’s most beloved prime minister because of his endearing ways. His wit, sharpness of mind, empathy and compassion for the common people were legendary.

Malik Baloch said in stead of praising the achievements of the A.F.B. a group of people were busy overtime trying to cast our works in a poor light. “I was receiving phone calls from these people, who were engaged in back-biting, all the time,” he complained.

I first came face-to-face with the Tunku at his residence in Ayer Raja Road, Penang, in May 1978. He had long retired and had chosen Penang as his retirement home.

18 MLAs among the four are independants quite unexpectedly to the shock of the Yogi Adityanath and to the National leadership have reportedly tendered letters of withdrawal of support to the Governor H.R.Bharadwaj incidentally he was former Congress man and former Union Minister and have fled the city – first to Chennai and when spotted there by the Reddy brothers industrial tycoons and Ministers of Karnataka, evading them flew to Kochi and when media people and irate BJP followers espied on them fled to Mumbai and the journey might end in Goa, even America. (The journey actually ended in Goa as per the latest reports) At whose expense these fellows are shuttling in between various cities, I don’t know.

Dhoni’s parents are a modest, simple couple. Pan Singh still roams the colony on a bicycle and Dhoni’s fame has changed their lifestyle very little. It just meant getting used to the voracious, insatiable media. Even their neighbours across the fence get their fair share of media attention.

It was about 10 in the morning. We were all waiting for the Tunku in the reception room cum office, staked with expensive souvenirs, trophies, walking sticks and memorabilia.

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