Twelve-spotted Skimmer, male

Twelve-spotted Skimmer, male
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Image by Vicki’s Nature
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These guys fly by flashing a blur of spots at you! I thought it was a Prince Baskettail at first – they flash spots too – and they NEVER land. I turned to head over to a Halloween Pennant when I was stunned to see this 12-spotted Skimmer perched on this dried weed. I had never seen one up close before … last Fall one buzzed by me in a spotted blur and that’s the only other one I’ve ever seen! I bet they’re migrants. He posed for me endlessly letting me get right on top of him. I’ll post close-ups another day.

Winner, Nature’s Pot-of-Gold challenge, dragonfly close-up 11-08
Winner, Beautiful World Challenge Group 10, begins with T 2-09
Winner, Nature’s Pot-of-Gold challenge, macro wings 3-09

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