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However, his dreams of meeting this woman are somewhat hampered by the fact that he is married. Sonny working as Phil Spector’s gopher in the mid 1960’s also had aspirations of becoming much more than he was.

Sometimes children of celebrities are expected to follow in their footsteps, but oftentimes do not succeed. Perhaps too much expectation is placed upon them. Then there are celebrity children who realize they must be their own person and prove themselves. In other words, they go against the grain of the careers their parents had. These are the ten celebrities who have literally made a name for themselves and completely triumphed.

One can currently find the Flashdance Soundtrack for sale at this link: Flashdance Soundtrack. However, if you want the movie to go along with it, there is a collectors edition of the DVD out there and Amazon’s price versus retail was not cheaper at the time I looked into it.

Nicole Kidman, a native of Sydney, Australia, told Oprah that Australians are very excited about the visit. Oprah and the lucky trip winners will get to see Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman at the Sydney Opera House in Australia during the trip.

Dylan hoped to meet his idol, Woody Guthrie, in New York. He played small clubs and coffeehouses in Greenwich Village and soon made a name for himself. He did find Guthrie in a hospital, unfortunately, dying from Huntington’s chorea. During hospital visits, Bob Dylan, the rock legend, would play songs for the dying Guthrie. He even wrote one for him, “Song to Woody,” which later appeared on his first album.

When it comes to Westerns, it is hard to touch the 1992 film Unforgiven. This Clint Eastwood directed Western movie 12 years a slave awards years a slave awards for Best Picture and if you are a fan of the genre, it is a must see film.

The Family Man – This one has Tia Leone in it, so I watched it. It could be any movie that features the personification of your personal lust. By that I mean whatever leading lady or man you most desire. You can sublimate your sexual desires into physical effort, replacing heartbreak and alimony payments with cardiovascular health in the process!

Of course there are always doubts amongst men, what to wear under the kilt and questions like ‘is it OK for me to wear a skirt” still happens. The answer is of course “yes”, because kilt isn’t a skirt. The truth like this can be heard from many 100 percent real men whose passion are Scottish Highlands and Scottish tradition.

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