Top 3 Books That Should Be Movies

Marilyn died from an overdose of sleeping pills on Aug. 5,1962. Coraline is strange, but not the cool strange you get with Tim Burton. Richards is not buying the BS stated that they are all drug free.

King of Kong-Fist Full of Quarters is the good vs. evil tale of the world champions of Donkey Kong: Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe. These characters couldn’t have been made up better and if they were fictional, if this weren’t a documentary, the film would be unbelievable.

Movie curses make for great urban folklore. The Dark Knight may not be cursed, but it does carry the weight of death, making the dark Batman vision even darker. The Dark Knight is not the first movie to be associated with death and tragedy.

We wonder why someone as violent as Charles Manson even after he was convicted with the Tate murders still hold control over his many followers. While someone as good natured as Vic Bugloisi (Manson’s prosecution lawyer) was hated by Manson’s many followers?

This will be Ryan Kwanten’s first big role apart from “True Blood.” However, fans are confident he can handle it as his co-stars Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, and Alexander Skarsgard have all been working on film projects during their off time from the hit vampire series.

All Goldman Sachs dissenters (journalists, writers, common citizens, bloggers, radio hosts, etc) die from multiple “self-inflicted gunshot wounds” to the head.

America, and its medulla oblongata, Barack Obama, has got to ask these questions. America has got to stop acting like it’s innocent. There isn’t cancer in the world without reason.

Personally, I’ve had a roommate or two, and from my experience you soon get more comfortable with each other. You can even become good friends, believe it or not! But, if you are like Oprah and have enough friends, it’s okay to be cordial with your roommate and just look at them as something that cuts your rent in half. They probably think the same about you. Happy Renting!

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