The Top Music Venues In New York

Unfortunately, in Sacramento, the stunt turned deadly. One technique to reduce our tendency to these time wasters is to develop a habit of writing in one particular place. He appeared in Blues Brothers alongside John Belushi.

Guitarist and harmonica player Pat Bergeson has written, toured, and recorded with many of his musical heroes. Beginning at the University of Illinois in his home state, he moved on to New York City and picked up a Jazz Studies degree at William Patterson University. After playing in New York for ten years, he arrived in Nashville upon the request of Chet Atkins who heard Pat on a demo tape. Chet invited him to play on his album Sneakin’ Around with Jerry Reed, and later featured Pat’s guitar and compositions on his 1994 release Read My Licks. They were good friends and toured together for several years.

Did you pass by the Target and suddenly feel the pull? Or do you have absolutely no interest in shopping OR stopping? This is your ride, Paul Revere, so do whatever you like.

The name just stuck around. I guess it has become a guise to step out of real life and into someone else’s. At first it was just the name of our band. The band that can’t play a single song, yet still refers to itself as a band.

I play guitar mainly – also piano and harmonica. I like messing around with bass and drums when I have a chance, and maybe someday I’ll get better at playing them.

You can follow the band by liking them on Facebook or by checking out their website. Check out a show near you as soon as possible and get there early since the venue is always standing-room-only packed with hundreds of fans. After seeing Milo perform just once, you will become a lifelong fan.

While Leadbelly many not be listened to as much these days, he leaves behind a remarkable musical legacy. Famous songs such as House of the Rising Sun and Where Did You Sleep Last Night are his creations. He’s been covered by many artists such as Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, The Animals, The Doors, and many recognizable others.

Davies’ “first gig with a proper camera” came in 1973, when Pink Floyd did their first Dark Side Of The Moon show in London just prior to that landmark album’s release.

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