The Top 25 Songs Of 2009 (25-16)

Both are strong solos and perfectly placed to add excitement to the song. I would attempt to crush any failure by tensing up even more. You are blessed with every technology imaginable at your disposal.

Writing is a difficult task. And like any difficult task it’s one that we will attempt to avoid if possible. We procrastinate. We develop writer’s block. We practice writus interruptus. One technique to reduce our tendency to these time wasters is to develop a habit of writing in one particular place.

There were a few other “handicaps to contend with.” You learned to be really quick on the uptake. When a song was played on the radio; you needed to be able to memorize most of an entire song. If you were unable to catch the tune the first time around, you had a long wait before the radio station played your second lesson. It was a skill I developed because there was no other choice. If there was an easy way to learn guitar I certainly never knew about it.

Along the same lines as the how quiet is quiet. On some days, I prefer to write to Mozart and Leona Boyd. On others it’s Led Zeppelin and Beethoven that keeps me thinking. What is your preference? And is it going to provide enough noise that other family members will be disturbed.

For a few years I gave up trying to play as fast as Malmsteen. I started telling myself loser negative comments like “He’s just born better and faster” or “I could never be that good so why bother” and “I’m just better at rhythm guitar than lead” as well as “He probably started younger than me so I can never become that good as I started too late”.

Look, in these economic circumstances, none of us can afford to ignore any source of gifts for the people we love. What better use for a pile of ex-gifts than to regift them to people who can genuinely use them?

But we’re all different. And the advice you receive that’s good for me isn’t necessarily good for you. There are all kinds of advice available on the internet to tell you what habits you should develop. But very little on how to determine what habits are best for you.

Thanks for reading this article. I will be be submitting more on the subject of guitar. Next I will discuss how to use a metronome to really boost your abilities in a short amount of time.

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