The Scrolling Led Belt Buckle Is A Stylish Trend

He not only sang nicely, he was a performer in the genuine sense of the word. There is a certain arrogance that goes along with getting into radio. And the advice you receive that’s good for me isn’t necessarily good for you.
Gimme dollar fifty-five!’ Metallica has their share of substantial-octane lyrics that make you go: ‘what did he just yell?’ But this intro from ‘Fuel’ ranks right up there with the very best of them.

How do I know? Well, I used to be in radio. I never made it past part-time but, in a way, that was even more depressing than being one of the regulars. There I would be talking in between Foreigner and Led Zeppelin songs and talking like anyone was really listening. Most of the time everyone out in the world just wanted me to shut the hell up and play the commercials and the Led Zeppelin song.

This became even worse when I would attempt lead guitar by artists like Yngwie Malmsteen. I can play Yngwie Malmsteens song “I am a Viking” note for note perfect without even breaking a sweat now. But, back then this was impossible for me and not through lack of trying or ability.

1) Metallica and Coldplay shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence much less the same category. The association has to differentiate between heavy, hard bands and wimpy bands. And Coldplay won. Whatever.

Terra Naomi – This rock and pop artist became famous with her song “Say It’s Possible” through YouTube. Naomi is from New York State but currently lives is Los Angles. She writes, performs and plays guitar and piano. Naomi won the first YouTube “Best Music Video” award in 2006. She signed a publishing deal with Universal Publishing and a record deal with Island Records in 2007.

Black Dog Records, named for the friendly black Labrador retriever, who, along with his golden retriever companion, faithfully watches the store and greets customers, is a veritable treasure trove of classic records. Whether you’re looking for an original pressing of a rare Moby Grape record or a new Sundazed issue of a Byrds LP, Black Dog records is Houston’s first name in classic rock.

And hey, if you ever see Jimmy Page or Robert Plant walking down the street, tell them to tour! They need to get the message, although I don’t see why they wouldn’t have already.

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