The Rich Get Historic Return On Investment in the Stupidity of the American Electorate

The Rich Get Historic Return On Investment  in the Stupidity of the American Electorate

These are dark times for the struggling working people of America. Not only has the 30-year Republican Reaganomics class war given us the widest gap between the rich and poor in a century, but has also turned America into the LEAST upwardly mobile of all industrialized nations as Republican propaganda outlets have many fellow citizens convinced that they aren’t “free” unless transnational corporations can ride them to the bank unfettered by “big government.”

It’s amazing. The American People are either so exhausted from either working their 3 “uniquely American” jobs to notice, or too bogged down by their own Fox “News” activated filters of racism, homophobia, misogyny, religious fanaticism and/or fear to realize they are being played by the billionaires who are mercilessly riding their weary asses to the bank.

It’s pretty distressing when you think about the fact that the rest of the civilized world shakes their heads in disbelief when they ponder the many layers of American stupidly – and how it mixes curiously with incredible awesomeness.

George Monbiot wrote in The Guardian, UK, “The US has the world’s best universities and attracts the world’s finest minds. It dominates discoveries in science and medicine. Its wealth and power depend on the application of knowledge. Yet, uniquely among the developed nations (with the possible exception of Australia), learning is a grave political disadvantage.”

The assault on intellectualism, an integral ingredient in economically unbalanced, Corporatist societies, is a prime characteristic for Teabag candidates and followers – lest their intellectual curiosity force them to connect the dots and reveal the actual culprit for their demise – the well-heeled funders of their anti-government “grassroots” movements.

With all the corporate media coverage of this midterm election, the tragedy is not a SINGLE mainstream network media outlet, save MSNBC, fulfilled their duties as the guardians of liberty to report the truth about the unprecedented amount of money ($300 million dollars – $123 Million from anonymous donors) the US Chamber of Commerce and its big business associates rained down into the Midterms to fund hit pieces aimed at knocking off Democrats around the country.

Of course, the stupid-enough-to-vote-Republican Teabaggers, funded by billionaire Oligarchs like the trust-fund-endowed Koch brothers and Karl Rove’s American Crossroads PAC, are the useful idiots in this class war against the working people.

The Teabagging candidates themselves were notorious this season for being backward, racist, incurious thugs – traits that would have them disqualified in elections gone by. But with the power of big-money-funded propaganda, the candidates could be as outrageous as their moral-bankruptcy would take them – and transnational corporate America will simply invest in the propaganda meant to sway the useful “average Joe” idiots to equate any attempt to regulate corporate power as an assault from Hitler.

Rest assured, now that they have been successful in the charade against democracy, the Republicans WILL make life miserable for the average Americans who voted for them like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

The Freshman crop of Teabag Repugs are a strange circus of global warming deniers, armchair cafeteria-style Constitutional scholars who know nothing aboutt everything they spout so self-assuredly – especially economics and tax policy.

For instance, Think Progress reported, asked if untaxed corporations like Exxon are taxed too much, tea party leaders say “yes”despite the fact that Exxon paid ZERO in taxes last year and, in fact, received a refund from you and me. Coming from a member of “populist movement” funded by billionaires that takes it’s name from the acronym “Taxed Enough Already”, one would expect them to be sharp on their lynch pin issue, but these morons don’t even have the decency to be embarrassed about their hopeless lack of facts. Instead they look at the truth suspiciously as plot staged against them by the liberal smarty-pants elite.

So, as Barack Obama pines for bipartisanship like a battered spouse pining for an abuser, the Republican propaganda will continue to convince the rank-and-file Teatards that neo-Feudalism is “freedom” – a long as they don’t question our Sovereign Lords or pester them with Communist-type demands of "a living wage", "retirement benefits", "safety regulations", etc.

Our "betters" are already have the “average Joe” Teabaggers convinced that they are so overwhelmed with having the responsibility of trickling down all that wealth on us, that they couldn’t stand to pay the burden of their fair share of taxes.

So Obama gives a press conference looking like a man about to jump off a bride, still talking about finding “common ground” with the people promising to destroy him – and by extension – US.

Republicans are blocking everything as a strategy to make the lives of the American people so bad that they will vote for the bastards who are making it that way for political gain! That is nothing short of EVIL.

Let’s stop pretending the GOP wants the same for working people, just hold different ideas how to get there. THEY DON’T! The GOP agenda can be boiled down to 2 words: CHEAP LABOR. This is why they want us to compete with Chinese slave laborers for jobs. The Middle class was too uppity after the New Deal- so they set out to destroy it.

If Obama thinks that NOW, FINALLY, Republicans will start to be the “Team of Rivals” he so desires now that they’ve gained a majority in the House, he better come to his senses.

Capitulate to the GOP again and again and AGAIN and they will STILL call him a Socialist, a Marxist, a Kenyan, an "other." They will still work to destroy him – that’s a PROMISE reiterated AGAIN by Mitch McConnell TODAY to ensure Obama is a one-term President.

Still Obama stood there looking feckless, weak, and more out of touch than ever. The American people want the man they voted for – not some capitulator who is afraid to cut through the propaganda with the courage of his convictions.

With the right-wing propaganda machine running cover for every nefarious political dirty trick Republicans will employ to ensure Obama is a one-term President, coupled with unfettered money from powerful influences both foreign and domestic, the next two years promise to be a LARGE slice of Hell for those of us not fortunate enough to be born into wealth like the Koch Brothers, or lucky enough to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and marry a beer heiress.

The Republicans will destroy the hopes, dreams and future of the American Middle Class in order to fulfill the ACTUAL REPUBLICAN AGENDA of putting the once-uppity American worker in their place so our “betters” can have a large pool of CHEAP LABOR from which powerful influences can exploit – all while their propaganda machines will have the “Average Joe” Teabaggers crying “liberals are bad” as they collect their unemployment checks until they put an end to that as well.

As much as Obama proclaims how Wall Street and Main Street “rise and fall as one nation”, the reality is Main Street is STILL in a free fall, while Wall Street continues to collect their outrageous bonuses and the rich sharpen their knives for 2012 – when they hope to permanently turn the middle class into serfs – with the full support of the serfs themselves.

If Obama wants to attract the Independents he courts through capitulation, he needs to be reminded that the only reason FDR didn’t get elected to a FIFTH term was because he was DEAD… not because he appeased the sociopaths.

cHe told the American People that powerful influences were out to subjugate them into permanent bondage (organized money that was as dangerous as organized MOB) and didn’t back down.

Kick ass liberal radio host Mike Malloy had an interesting proposal. Obama should channel Lyndon Johnson and announce he’s going to be a one-term President. The Republicans holding the noose will look like idiots if they don’t have Obama’s neck to hang it on. Once he’s free from the bondage of having to run again, he could start channeling FDR and explain to the American People plainly what they are up against – "privileged princes of these new economic dynasties, thirsting for power, (who) reached out for control over government itself."

Don’t think that the Republicans work for the “privileged princes of new economic dynasties? The Center for Public Integrity just released a report about the Republican ties to big-moneyed interests and their revolving door lobbyists:

“First, the top contenders are all men. Nearly all are white. Most have deep ties to the business community or the industries they will soon oversee. Some have former staffers who now work in the lobbying world and could seek influence before their committees. And many have gotten the lion’s share of their campaign monies the past two election cycles from special interest political action committees.

Eight of the 14 candidates for the committee chairs got the majority of their campaign funds since 2007 from special interest PACs. For instance, Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, a possible candidate for the Energy and Commerce committee, got 70 percent of the $4.8 million he raised since 2007 from PACs.

Likewise, Rep. David Camp of Michigan, the top contender for the Ways and Means Committee that controls taxes and spending, got a whopping 79 percent of the $6.5 million he collected in the last two elections from political action committees.

Many lawmakers also have ties to Washington’s revolving door — through which Congressional staff leave for lucrative lobbying jobs in the private sector, where they can cash in on their access and ties.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

At this point, though, expecting Obama to get a backbone is like hoping that a fish will jump out of the water and perch in a tree. He simply doesn’t have a backbone. It’s plainly obvious now that he’s all talk.

I remember the "Bush on the Couch" book that psychologically analyzed the Giggling Murderer Bush Jr… if we were to analyze Obama, perhaps we would see that his half black/half white race is a factor in his desire to be all things to all people and have everyone like him.

He never knew his father growing up, so the big authoritarian daddy the Republicans represent is very intimidating to him… and he longs for their validation. If he can get them to like him, then the wound created by the absence of his father will be healed.

Conversely, FDR, a white man born into privilege, could stand up to the “big white daddy-state” because he was one of them – and didn’t desperately need their approval.

This is why Obama will NEVER effectively oppose the filthy Repugs.

Time to face the facts and petition him to announce his one-term President so we can get someone with a backbone in there.

Unfortunately, thanks to Citizen’s United, the Plutocrats have so empowered themselves and corrupted the system that a mere “election” may not be enough to rectify the damage.

Eventually, there will be blood in the streets as is common in societies with solid class divisions and no economic hope for a once middle vibrant, now permanent underclass. When that day comes, look for John Boehner, Karl Rove, David Koch and the rest to disappear behind the walls of their gated communities to laugh their asses off at how easy it was.

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