The Memory of a Summer’s Day

The Memory of a Summer’s Day
magic trick 6
Image by Vaidas M
Beautiful sunset above the cliffs at Cap de Formentor in the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Nikon D90 + Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6
Lee 0.9 ND Hard Grad + B+W 3.0 ND1000
10mm | f/5 | ISO200 | 186 seconds

After the release of Lightroom 4 Beta I have been playing with some of my older shots to try the new processing tools. I really like the new shadows/highlights sliders as well as the new algorithm behind the clarity adjustment. It seems that rescuing the detail in over/underexposed areas of the photos will be much easier now.
This was one of my favourite shots from the whole week-long trip in Mallorca and Barcelona, however, the upper left part of the cliffs was almost completely black due to the misaligned ND grad filter (I was also using a B+W 10 stop filter and the placement of the grad was very approximate).
I had a lot of trouble trying to rescue this shot with LR3, and therefore this was one of the first candidates to try the new magic tricks of LR4. The shadow adjustment really brought the detail back, although it made the top left part of the shot rather noisy.

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