The Gibson Sg Electric Guitar – 10 Interesting Facts

Milo knew that he wanted to start his own band and develop his own type of music. In church, at a concert, on the bus or alone in your bedroom; music is with you and constantly communication. Any artist has the right to say whatever they want.
They really ARE the best band you’ve never heard! I’m talking about the progressive rock band YES! This British rock band has been producing music since their debut album “YES” in 1969 and they’re still going strong! They’ve enjoyed Gold and Platinum record success, have sold millions upon millions of records, and are considered one of the best “touring bands” ever. Yet, I dare you to bring up their name at a party, or the next time you’re discussing music with your friends. The typical response – “Who.?” No, not the WHO! The progressive rock band YES – the best band you’ve never heard!

So start practicing any piece you want to learn very slowly in a relaxed way. Use a metronome to keep steady timing or use TAB software like Guitar Pro or Power Tab which have built in functions to play a piece of music at a slow pace. This is the time for you to do any serious thinking about your technique, how you hold the pick, using the most efficient energy conserving movements and hand positions. So take it slow at first and you will be playing lightning fast guitar in no time.

11. Satch Boogie: Joe Satriani: Surfing With An Alien:A tour de force of classic Joe Satriani licks. It will test your speed and really build some chops if you have the patience to attack it.

Another easy song to play on the guitar is Paperback writer. This song was written by Paul McCartney and credited to Lennon and McCartney. The song was performed by The Beatles. This song made it to the number one spot in the United States, United Kingdom, West Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Norway. The chords that were used in making this song were G and C major.

PB: I switched over from drums to guitar during high school and for awhile I was doing both. I ended up going to college for guitar, the University of Illinois and then ended up going to William Patterson in New Jersey, finishing with a Jazz Studies degree. While I was out there, I got a job teaching at the National Guitar Summer Workshop in Connecticut.

Crank up some Led Zeppelin, pop in one of your Books on Tape, be a mad channel switcher.and don’t worry about pleasing the passenger with your choice, because there is no passenger. So get crazy!

Probably most new and the overtly commercial country music. That just feels soulless. Norwegian death metal curdles the milk in our fridge. We stay away from the explicit content. Not really into that.

These are just a few songs to get you started. I know that there are many other popular songs out there but, these are some of the first songs that come to mind. Remember great music comes from the heart and soul and nowhere else.

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