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… is easily high on the list of "to die for" movies. The film was released in 1991 when Demi Moore was 29 years old. She is now 50 years old or very close. She carries the movie along with Jeff Daniels and they are backed up by some phenomenal supporting people. I watched the movie three times yesterday and today, before my rental rental period was up. I was hoping to sate myself in it, so I won’t have to spend money buying it. (Hey, I’m a depression brat…we’re cheap.)

… Demi Moore has become one of my favorite performers. She is able to do almost anything on screen, and some of her adult roles have generated hate and criticism among the "born again" clan who only a few years ago were sitting smugly in front of their TV sets, discussing how evil, sinful and lecherous the movie industry was. About this time in her career, Demi began to earn over ten million dollars per movie. She was the first female to make that breakthrough. I doubt if she gives a ratzazz what the bible thumpers say.

… in the role of Marina Lempke, the butcher’s wife, Demi plays the part of a rural North Carolina girl, raised in the lighthouse keeper’s cottage on North Carolina’s Baldhead Island shore. The visuals in both North Carolina and New York are fantastic, and the photography (cinematography) is brilliant.

… Demi has acquired such a pure southern accent, I could close my eyes and visualize my mother and my aunts from central Texas talking. She even moves like a country girl with great natural grace, but a very unsophisticated erect, arched body posture, that is the mark of southern rural female self-confidence. I was trying to remember that North Carolina has that added "there’s a moose in the hoose, get it oote syndrome along with regular southern American English, but maybe not. In any case it’s not a part of Marina’s accent. As of this movie, I’ve put Demi Moore into the category of Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep as performers to look for to be guaranteed you won’t be disappointed. She is a joy to watch.

… Jeff Daniels is the mast of the genre of humor that John Ritter did so well with, but I think Jeff is a less limited performer. He has that one secret element that shoots so many performers down … he had believability. His anger scenes in this film are a joy to watch.

… George Dzondza, as the butcher, is adequate and believable. He doesn’t really blossom until he hears Stella sing the blues in his favorite bar and that introduces the third most important person to the review.

…. Stella Keefover is played by Mary Steenburgen, who does a scrumptious job as a meek and milk church music director and even does her on singing in the bar when she decides, at Marina’s suggestion, to become a blues singer. She is actually an authentic blues singer. The right side of your brain almost dances with the words as she reluctantly lets them slip over the edge of her lips and fall gently into the microphone.

… I have no complaints with any of the cast. I’m in awe of the screenwriters and all in all, this is one helluva story, beautifully told..


* Luis Avalos as Luis
* Margaret Colin as Robyn Graves
* Jeff Daniels as Dr. Alex Tremor
* George Dzundza as Leo Lemke
* Helen Hanft as Molly
* Elizabeth Lawrence as Grammy D’Arbo
* Miriam Margolyes as Gina
* Frances McDormand as Grace
* Demi Moore as Marina Lemke
* Max Perlich as Eugene
* Diane Salinger as Trendoid
* Mary Steenburgen as Stella Keefover

Here’s Wikipedia on the film …

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