The Best Morgan Freeman Roles And Movies Of All Time

Clooney got his start on television, and was a breakout star on the hit TV show ER. The title, lyrics and music video has a kind of George Orwell 1984 vibe to it. You know, the one that Al Pacino gives the kiss of death to.
John Turturro’s Passione presents a remarkable series of musical set pieces entwined in the city of Naples (Napoli) – Southern Italian music videos, if you will.

Turturro: Well you know, I wasn’t trained that way. I’ve done crime films. I’ll do another one or two in the future. But I’ve tried to avoid that as much as I could. I’ve done a lot of classical theater: I’m going to do Chekhov, I’ve done a couple of Beckett plays, Shakespeare, Brecht, Ionesco.

By 1964, Dylan’s songwriting had gone far beyond his New York peers exhibiting the influence of poets like Arthur Rimbaud and John Keats. It was literate and evocative and he had added more blues and R&B to his music sealing his fate as Bob Dylan, the rock legend. That year he released The Times They Are A-Changin’ and Another Side of Bob Dylan including the hit, “It Ain’t Me Babe.” At this point, Dylan was a concert hit playing dates every night, but he was already growing tired of his label, “protest singer and writer,” and the entire folk movement. “It Ain’t Me Babe” addressed his disillusionment. Around this time, he broke off his relationship with Baez and began dating the model, Sara Lowndes whom he later married.

Not only did this opening theme song for two separate films start off the rock and roll revolution, as well as the rock music genre, it was also the forerunner to hearing a song from a movie on a Top 40 radio program or radio station. Once you hear this song you will instantly recognize it as a pivotal song of rock and roll. It is one of the first major rock hits, but a year later Elvis Presley would take rock music on to another level. Never before had a feature film from the mid fifties used any rock and roll songs since the older generation disliked it intensely.

You know, stereotypes exist for everybody, and that’s OK. It’s fun to laugh at it. But when people say to me, “Is your family connected?” – it’s not only demeaning, it’s reductive. It’s not interesting. It doesn’t expand the conversation, for me.

Question: You 12 years a slave awards years a slave awards for Best Adapted Screenplay for “The Descendants.” Was your experience working on that film at all helpful in preparing you for this project?

No list of Morgan Freeman films would be complete without giving mention to Bruce Almighty. I mean, when you are being asked to play the part of God in a film, I think it is safe to say you have made it. Unless you’re Alanis Morissette and you happen to nab the part in Dogma.

In 1980, Hepburn fell in love with the actor Robert Wolders. Hepburn lived nine years with Wolders until she died, and she called it the happiest years of her life. In 1988, Hepburn acted in her last movie as an angel in Steven Spielberg’s Always. Hepburn suffered from appendiceal cancer and died at her home in Switzerland on Jan 20, 1993.

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