The Best Morgan Freeman Roles And Movies Of All Time

Joel and Ethan Coen are a set of brothers to be reckoned with. The scene which features Costner kicking down Allen’s door is especially powerful. By that I mean whatever leading lady or man you most desire.
Ready for some weird movie trivia? This is the kind of movie trivia that you just can’t make up. Even though some of this stuff may seem as though it cannot possibly have even the slightest tinge of truth, that it must be some kind of urban legend, I can guarantee you that it really is all true. Or, at least, as true as I can tell. You can do your own research if you feel that you are being duped. And if by chance you do find out that this movie trivia really is too weird to be true, then let us all know.

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To me, the indisputable centerpiece of the film is Peppe Barra singing “Tammurriata Nera.” At the same time, you’ve got M’Barka Ben Taleb and Max Gasella singing “Pistol Packin’ Mama” in Arabic and English, respectively – a song made famous by Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters in 1943. Was this arrangement your idea? (Listen to the performance HERE).

Nicole Kidman 12 years a slave awards years a slave awards for her role in 2002 movie ‘The Hours.’ Kidman’s new movie, ‘Rabbit Hole’ is premiering in theaters on Christmas Day.

Saving Private Ryan is another movie that has to make my list. Also brought to us from the lens of Steven Spielberg, and based on the same war as Schindler’s List, this movie takes more of a look at the battle front. According to veterans of this war, the Battle of Normandy is depicted incredibly accurately in this film.

Another inspirational song set in a futuristic tone that came from the ballroom dance couple’s routine. Just the title and name of the group alone makes me hungry for this great snack. Hot Butter was an instrumental cover band from Denmark who actually covered this synthesizer-pop instrumental recording from 1969 by the Moog Quartet. The title of the song actually comes from a staccato or the sharp “popping” sound from the synthesizer. Popcorn is considered an early synthpop recording. Synthesizers would later see a surge in popular music during the late ’70’s and into the ’80’s. It has even made a comeback of sorts into 21st century mainstream music. Now let me go and make some popcorn.

Along with the musical piece used in “Kill Bill” this classical music composition by Richard Strauss from 1896 has been used in countless television commercials, other films, TV shows and openings for athletes and entertainers. The opening fanfare “Sunrise” from this tone poem or orchestral music is featured in the opening, The Dawn of Man and closing segments within the film. Even though it is less than a two-minute piece of music it’s still popular for over four decades testifies to its literal timelessness. Without question it is the quintessential movie music to use in an opening and closing for such an epic film.

One other film of this incredible actor’s that I feel the need to include on this list is Unleashed, or Danny The Dog. This movie was directed by Danny Boyle, who also directed 28 Days Later, Sunshine, and of course, Slumdog Millionaire.

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