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She was known for a number of her movies, but sadly now more known for her tragic death at the age of 36. San Francisco’s Little Italy isn’t all pizza and spaghetti. Let’s not forget Vietnam, Korea, Iraq (twice), and Afghanistan.
We all know Los Angeles is called the City of Angels. But author Tony O’Neill is here to tell you, if you believe that, then he’s got a sex tape to sell you. His latest novel, Sick City, brings together everything we’ve come to associate with the city of dreams; sex, drugs and lots of money. But if it were that simple we’d all be high, multi-orgasmic, millionaires. Instead it’s the demons that take their pound of flesh. O’Neill delves deep into the underbelly of Los Angeles with a story that shows there’s no such thing as easy money but there’s plenty of hard dirty living. There’s a price to pay for every request and every request is hardcore. By the end of the book I needed a hot shower with a Brillo pad.

The screenplay is interesting to be certain. However Mayhew’s lack of attention to authenticity is a bit disturbing. And as the director, Mike Barker, should have been loathe to put his name to the title of director in such an inaccurate piece of work.

We wonder why someone as violent as Charles Manson even after he was convicted with the Tate murders still hold control over his many followers. While someone as good natured as Vic Bugloisi (Manson’s prosecution lawyer) was hated by Manson’s many followers?

Living only several hundred feet from the site of the murders, David and friends have had many different haunted experiences. There have been full body apparitions and EVPs that lend credibility that David Oman is being visited by Jay Sebring and others from the murder site.

16) All You Need Is Love – A “John” song, this was performed on 6/25/67 in the first global telecast viewed by 400 million people in over 26 countries. While recorded at the same time frame as the other songs on the Sgt. Pepper’s LP, the song did not get added to an LP until being placed on side 2 of Magical Mystery Tour later that year. The song also found a spot in the animated pop art film “Yellow Submarine”.

Got a lot of stuff going on right now. The new mixtape coming out soon, got a tour in the works and a ton of other shit. Just staying as focused as I can right now.

The Dark Knight is scheduled for release on July 18, 2008, according to Warner Brothers. The Dark Knight follows Batman Begins, the latest Batman incarnation starring Christian Bale.

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