Saint George et le Dragon (1992) – Bengt Lindstrom (1925 – 2008))

Saint George et le Dragon (1992) – Bengt Lindstrom (1925 – 2008))
oscar 1992
Image by pedrosimoes7
Centro de Arte Manuel de Brito, CAMB, Palácio dos Anjos, Algés, Portugal


Bengt Lindstrom was born in 1925 in Storsjo Kappell, Sweeden. He attends the Isaac Grunewald (pupil of Matisse) Art School in Stockholm , the Copenhagen School of Fine Arts from 1944-1946, the Art Institute of Chicago, then trains under artists Fernand Leger in 1947 and Andre Lhote in Paris from 1947-1948. The first canvases of Bengt Lindstrom, portraits and self-portraits, are figurative.

His first solo exhibition is organized in Stockholm in 1954. He makes friends with Bogart, Marfaing, Maryan and Pouget, and later Asger Jorn of whom he will have a certain influence. Lindstrom participates in numerous collective exhibitions in France and abroad. The artist’s style becomes more precise at the end of the 1950’s, he uses big buckets of pure color, moving around his framed canvases which are placed on the ground; the artists executes works using lots of paste, almost sculpting the painting.

In 1962, he participates in the second exhibition of the “Nouvelle Figuration” held in Paris. Two year later, Lindstrom exhibits with the North-South group. Over a period of several years, the painter produces a portrait gallery of writers and philosophers, such as Oscar Wilde, Gide, Claude Levi-Strauss, etc. He paints landscapes inspired by his memories of the harsh landscape of northern Sweden and mythological figures of Scandinavia and Lapland.

In the 80’s, Lindstrom sculpts small “papier-mâché” Heads that he paints, and jewelry. In 1948 he discovers the engraved works of Chagall and the first “Popes” of Francis Bacon, Lindstrom produces during this period his first lithographs. Bengt Lindstrom invents a world that is for him proper.

From 1947, the artist lived and worked between Sweden and France. Bengt Lindström died in Sweden at the beginning of the year 2008.

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