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Hopefully we are smart enough to not take a 3-minute rock song too seriously. He simply admits that he doesn’t know much about them, and he wouldn’t know what to buy. I’m going to make albums, play shows, and try to reach a larger audience.
Let’s face it. When anyone embarks on romantic relationships, they’re leaving themselves open to receiving a lot of junk. At the time it might have sentimental value–like X is trying to share their passionate interests with Y. In the flush of love, many go along with the flow.

The songs “Who wants to live forever” and “Princes of the universe” were written exclusively for the soundtrack to the original “Highlander” movie. And continued to be be used in the following TV series. Queen was the Top favorite 80’s band second only to Metallica.They produced several albums that made it big in the U.K and also In the U.S The band was originally named “Smile”, but the name was later changed by lead singer Freddie Mercury to “Queen”. Freddie Mercury was responsible for a lot of the bands success.

Luckily I did keep playing the guitar and worked on semi fast blues playing and a nice wide vibrato similar to Vai in the movie “Crossroads”. I could always play fast on one string using ideas largely borrowed from Kirk Hammet of Metallica. Still, anything fast that involved string skipping scared the crap out of me especially around other people who would say “Wow that’s really fast” while inside I would be embarrassed because I knew that I had only barely been able to play it or sometimes I would make mistakes and hope that no one noticed. In essence I felt like a fraud!

7) Old rock ‘n roll shirts: a general rule is that anything that’s older than five years should be thrown out. If you just can’t part with your favorite Led Zeppelin shirt, then at least do us a favor and don’t wear it outside. If you still want to proclaim your affection for your favorite band, get a new, nicely fitted shirt.

I have heard of radio stunts where the on-air hosts were buried in the ground and broadcast from within their grave. I had some radio friends who did a fake stunt where they insisted they were dangling one of their on-air people over the highway tied to weather balloons. People called in insisting they could see the guy floating there.

4) Acid wash or colored jeans: let’s all admit that the 80’s were entirely a fashion mistake, and destroy anything that even remotely reminds us of this period. Dark blue jeans that are nicely fitted will do just fine.

Papa’s Ice House is also home to The Woodlands Idol, a singing competition reminiscent of the show we all know and love. They hosted the preliminary selection process on December 11th, and will host the semi-finals on January 22nd. The final selection will take place at The Woodlands Marriott on January 28th.

Thanks for reading this article. I will be be submitting more on the subject of guitar. Next I will discuss how to use a metronome to really boost your abilities in a short amount of time.

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