Rihanna And Beyonce Receive Acclaim On Victoria’s Secret What Is Sexy? List

The singer allegedly failed to provide the proper information to the other driver, according to TMZ on Monday, July 15. Check out the photo slideshow for pictures from the 2011 Grammy Awards. Hip-hop is one of the most popular genres of music today.

November 22, 2011 — Taylor Swift and Rihanna opened up this week about being role models. The two popular singers take very different sides on the issue. So, who’s right?

Don’t expect a major “If it does not fit you must acquit” moment, though. That’s because the judge on the case has turned down requests to have cameras in the court room. Still, we can expect a lot of reports from journalists inside the courtroom this afternoon after her testimony.

For all the hype Brown and Rihanna had as music stars, and all that they have faced since the scandal broke out, it is hard to remember that they are still young. Rihanna is 21 now, with Brown just 19. This may be why Oprah is putting the domestic violence spotlight on teenagers and the young for this show.

When asked why she was not invited over to come over the studio to sing it with Rihanna, Avril was told by the producers that the recording was already done. She said that when she listened to it, she was delighted. It didn’t present any issue, in other words.

But seriously, if the reports are true I’m happy for them. As long as Rihanna doesn’t start coming to the games and we have another Eva Longoria-Tony Parker situation on our hands. The best part of the San Antonio Spurs’ fall from grace is not having to see Mrs. Longoria-Parker clapping in the front row every time her hubby made a basket. Let’s keep it that way.

Megan Fox, best known for her role in Transformers, is hard at work filming her next project, The Dictator, which will hit Scottsdale theaters in May 2012. The actress, along with Sacha Baron Cohen and Anna Faris, has been seen on the set for the film in New York City. Ace Showbiz released photos from the production on Tuesday. Check them out and some recent photos of Megan from Armani as well here.

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