Republican Midterm Madness

Republican Midterm Madness
The midterm elections are upon us, and America is about to get a real lesson in "be careful what you wish for."

“Fiscal conservatives” who want to add massively to the Federal debt… Cons who chant the mantra of “small government” who want Uncle Sam to intervene and force a woman to bear her rapist’s child… billionaires using their own personal fortunes to turn the election of our so-called representatives into an auction for the highest bidder.

These are the flying monkeys swarming the American body politic to roll back the social progress of the last century and turn the government of the United States into an appendage of the affairs of billionaires.

I understand that most Americans are too overworked, disillusioned or disinterested to follow politics the way some of us do, but before some of you pull the lever for a Republican … please take a little trip down memory lane and recall that since the time they sold themselves out to the Railroads in the Gilded Age (another time of "Republican Ideas") the GOP have not gotten out of bed in the morning unless they can make sure some bankster can ride the people to the bank unfettered by "pesky" government.

So that stench you smell as you enter the voting booth is the rotting corpse of the late, great, America Middle Class who Republicans who have systematically turned into Serfs.

The government stinks. Republicans have handed it over without apology to transnational corporations who operate solely in the name of profit – not country or community. But then again… they tell us that operating in the name of country or community would be some dirty Commie plot… so country and community be damned! See how that works?

I have some Republican friends who have had their “Road to Damascus” conversion after THEY lose their jobs and realize they can’t just pull themselves up by their bootstraps and marry a beer heiress or have daddy buy them a baseball team. Now they cry about the Republican obstruction to their unemployment benefits and are grateful for the lifelines keeping them off the street. If Republicans get their boney fingers around the neck of government, they will squeeze the life out of her.

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