Online Guitar Lessons, Rolling Stones Songs – 3 Tips To Amp Up Your Playing

I taught Performing Arts and Guitar Lessons for a number of years. I became immersed in music and technology advances. Whatever that substance is it can have the same effect as when you down a bunch of shots.
The Grammy Awards show was horrible! I would describe it as a debacle, a farce, a mockery, a charade, a travesty and an evil perpetrated on the American people. What a joke! The production left me distressed, disconcerted, disheartened, dismayed, and disgusted. I have skiing accidents involving broken bones that were far less painful. In other words, I didn’t like it.

Luckily I did keep playing the guitar and worked on semi fast blues playing and a nice wide vibrato similar to Vai in the movie “Crossroads”. I could always play fast on one string using ideas largely borrowed from Kirk Hammet of Metallica. Still, anything fast that involved string skipping scared the crap out of me especially around other people who would say “Wow that’s really fast” while inside I would be embarrassed because I knew that I had only barely been able to play it or sometimes I would make mistakes and hope that no one noticed. In essence I felt like a fraud!

Tunes of Texas is on site Wednesday through Friday, offering up a diverse karaoke selection with an even more diverse group of singers. Everyone from the seasoned, Kelly-Clarkson-belting vets to rather tipsy Led Zeppelin amateurs perform each night. If they don’t have what you’re looking for in the song list binder: “Don’t worry we’ll find it!” was the response. So bring any obscure request their way. They were able to find a Five Non Blondes song after hearing me hum a few notes, badly. Several drinks in, it may become almost impossible to recall nineties music; but Tunes of Texas knows their stuff.

This became even worse when I would attempt lead guitar by artists like Yngwie Malmsteen. I can play Yngwie Malmsteens song “I am a Viking” note for note perfect without even breaking a sweat now. But, back then this was impossible for me and not through lack of trying or ability.

Papa’s Ice House is also home to The Woodlands Idol, a singing competition reminiscent of the show we all know and love. They hosted the preliminary selection process on December 11th, and will host the semi-finals on January 22nd. The final selection will take place at The Woodlands Marriott on January 28th.

9) Waiting for repeats: we understand that you are loathe to part with your collection of clothes from high school, just in case whatever was fashionable comes back, but even if it does, do you really think it will still fit you and look cool? Probably not.

Bottom Line: Best selection of karaoke music, active karaoke most nights of the week: Wed-Sat, laidback atmosphere, and I can’t say enough about the food. Overall, awesome.

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