One little back door to Hell

One little back door to Hell
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Image by Tangent~Artifact, here sometimes 🙂
For everyone to have a look and a chance to figure out. OUT…

Rarely one expresses clearly the wish to head for the big gates (but to make a provocative statement, or out of insanity). While a myriad of little back doors are more easily approached. More discrete and welcoming, perhaps.

A feminine figure, here. OK, please wait… I declined a position in the inquisition… 🙂 I just flipped coins. Woman it was. Had it been man, honestly, maybe I would have cheated, out of a sense of aesthetics. And said I’d cheated 🙂 But definitely not me to make some utterly stupid associations.

I also did it for the sake of controversy 🙂 Who wage war? Who commit mass murders? Who dare separate the mother and the child, in a dark and icy morning when the train is about to leave for hideous places? Who-men? I know there are exceptions to the evident facts. But come on, fellow guys… Well, there is good news, sometimes: The “Girl of Qatif”, rape victim sentenced to six month in jail and 200 lashes, has just been pardoned by the Saudi monarch (here, AP). Though “strongly” suggested a decision, maybe this was not such a simple one to take, even for a king. I’m so glad he did.

ps: 66? I SWEAR this is the true stuff – I wanted to erase it, too obvious a detail. Just a strange coincidence, too good to be scratched out, I thought. Well… Because the third digit is up to us, I guess.

On black? mediumlarge

pps, just in case… Technicalities. I "only" used four pictures, the door (WITH the number :), the model and blinds, the scorched earth, and small bits of winter trees. No stock images. Obviously, the sky is fake. As a good Brazilian friend stated recently, anyway real colors are fake 🙂

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