New York, New York: Music That Never Sleeps

Lucy is a singer/songwriter currently residing in Los Angeles. I learned how to read Music and Tablature along the way. Very few people even had record players or records back in the day. Not that Cliff sees anything wrong with either genre.
Guitarist and harmonica player Pat Bergeson has written, toured, and recorded with many of his musical heroes. Beginning at the University of Illinois in his home state, he moved on to New York City and picked up a Jazz Studies degree at William Patterson University. After playing in New York for ten years, he arrived in Nashville upon the request of Chet Atkins who heard Pat on a demo tape. Chet invited him to play on his album Sneakin’ Around with Jerry Reed, and later featured Pat’s guitar and compositions on his 1994 release Read My Licks. They were good friends and toured together for several years.

It is ridiculous. Take responsibility for your own actions. Parents should take responsibility for their own children. This argument is pointless and should be reserved for high paid lawyers. Hopefully we are smart enough to not take a 3-minute rock song too seriously.

Cue the market opportunity that is the ‘cover band.’ Insert the opportunistic outfit that is “Paradise City,” the Guns ‘n’ Roses tribute band. Chuck Klosterman explains their share of the market here.

YYZ: Alex Lifeson: Rush: Moving Pictures: There is a really tricky riff in this one and a mysteriously cool solo in E harmonic minor – classic Alex Lifeson.

There are a lot of newer bands too. I know people complain about music these days. Something good is out there, and it’s waiting for you. Just got to look for it. Some bands though are just timeless, and some artists are nothing short of brilliant.

Stairway To Heaven: Jimmy Page: Led Zeppelin IV:This is a great song with a great solo to boot. It get’s overplayed for a reason. It’s great. The solo is so well put together and phrased. It does what every good solo should do. It tells a story not just with words but also with its arching harmonic structure.

The only place where you still have and want people talking are the morning shows and the all-talk stations. Exactly why people seem to want goofy guys doing silly stunts in the morning is not something I understand. However, it has become extremely difficult for these morning shows to do things that try to get listeners. So, the morning shows are doing crazy stunts. Most of these stunts are just stupid. Unfortunately, in Sacramento, the stunt turned deadly.

Keep searching for great music. Keep supporting great musicians. Go to concerts. Listen to albums. Live a great life. Love it. I guess that’s enough. What else is there?

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