Ncaa Tournament’s First Two Rounds Filled With Surprises

In a successful night for the Big East, nine players from the conference were selected in the 2009 NBA Draft. News also factors the selectivity of a school in determining its ranking. Make at least a token effort to play perimeter defense.
The March Madness schedule 2010 finally starts this afternoon. On the March Madness schedule, there are three games airing just after noon, four more in the mid-afternoon, and four each at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. The NCAA tournament opening day always brings anticipation, hopes for upsets, and last-minute bracket work. This is the closest thing to a national holiday for college basketball fans, but the actual games have to live up to the hype as well. Today’s March Madness schedule 2010 features favorites, upset minded teams, and hopefully a lot of real madness.

On the CAA South: “Nobody in our conference is a slouch. It’s a tough conference. If you come out on top in this conference then you actually did something because you’ve got to get up for every game.

Out West, in the Pac-10, you have another cluttered up race. Washington State has fallen from glory quickly, though is still a threat and ranked for a reason. USC has been up-and-down.after all, they did lose to Mercer early. Oregon has been good, but not great. It all comes down to Stanford vs. UCLA, and Kevin Love is the difference here. He’ll manage a double-double as the Bruins take the conference crown by 3.

With St. Mary’s College in the Sweet 16, the South region now looks even more topsy-turvy. Duke stands above all others as the No. 1 seed, especially with Villanova gone. But if the Blue Devils don’t win the region, a relative outsider – whether it be St. Mary’s, Baylor, Purdue or Texas A&M – stands to make their way to the 2010 Final Four instead.

A.J. Price and Hasheem Thabeet will be the key. Price is going to have to put points on the board because the Huskies simply don’t have an explosive offensive team. The point guard is their only real outside shooting threat. Thabeet must not only stay out of foul trouble, but he needs to stay around the basket as much as he can to cut down on dribble penetration.

The need at defensive tackle continues to be high for the Rams as they head into Day 2. The Draft is considered deep at the position, which should play into the Rams hands. A couple of the names you will see are Marvin Austin, who was Robert Quinn’s teammate at UNC, Steven Paea from Oregon State, Jarvis Jenkins from Clemson and Drake Nevis from LSU. The Rams need help and I would be surprised if they pass on DT tonight in both rounds.

If I were a betting man tonight I would bet on the Rams picking one offensive and one defensive player tonight. Depending on how things fall I think they will take a defensive tackle and running back in some order. I do think though that if running backs start getting taken then they will be more than happy to take one of the guards off the board. Day Two is where General Managers really earn their money. You hit here and you have a great draft. Miss on Day Two and you can have nothing better than an OK draft. The intrigue continues tonight in New York.

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