My Top Five Favorite Ron Howard Movies

The star of the film, Glenn Ford, had a teenage son who had a rock music collection. And if by chance you do find out that this movie trivia really is too weird to be true, then let us all know. Every time I hear that music my heart starts racing.

Kevin Costner is one of the biggest stars in movie history. He has had huge hits with dramatic, action and comedic films. Some of these films have become modern classics. Costner is also one of the biggest risk takers in Hollywood. He often makes pictures that are unique and not necessarily safe bets at the box office. Five of Costner’s best movies are Field of Dreams, Dances with Wolves, Bull Durham, Tin Cup and Upside of Anger.

Jim Rash: That first scene of the movie is autobiographical in a sense that, when I was 14 years old, my stepfather had that exact conversation with me while we were in a station wagon on our way to our summer vacation. It was important to us to write Duncan to be an observer we wanted him to be more than just this quirky character who has got this special talent that has not yet been tapped. He really is this introvert who is sort of lost and needs some guidance. His parents are both sort of out of his life in a way and we wanted him to be this sponge of all of the people around him. We wanted him to literally start sitting up straight and gaining this confidence.

It goes without saying that Martin Scorsese has to make a list of the best directors working today. He may be getting older, but his movies are as good as ever. In fact, he recently 12 years a slave awards years a slave awards for Best Director in 2006 for The Departed.

Saving Private Ryan is another movie that has to make my list. Also brought to us from the lens of Steven Spielberg, and based on the same war as Schindler’s List, this movie takes more of a look at the battle front. According to veterans of this war, the Battle of Normandy is depicted incredibly accurately in this film.

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The Marx Brothers at their best. The clown princes are unleashed on a campus as they try to win a big college football game. It is beyond funny and probably one of The Marx Brothers best films.

Schindler’s List is probably the most upsetting movie I have ever seen. Spielberg delivers on all accounts with this film that plays out more like a documentary than an original work. If you are looking for a World War II-based film that will change your way of thinking, this is it.

Nat Faxon: Ideally, there is a connection for people who watch this movie. If they are young, they will hopefully see the hope in this situation that everything will work out just fine for this kid. And if they are older and looking back, they will hopefully remember that moment and – whether it was good or bad – how much they grew from it.

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