My Top Five Favorite Harrison Ford Films

Gattaca is another film that I highly recommend for science fiction fans. Starring Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci the film won DeNiro an Academy Award for best actor. This movie stars George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Dianne Lane and John C.
While the media chooses to idolize movie stars and praise their great work, some of the people that should be getting more love are the directors. After all, it is the director that brings everything together. You can have an incredible actor with an incredible script, but when it comes to making a movie, the director has to be on point.

It is not surprising that opera as an art form blossomed in Florence and Naples. Napoli is one of the oldest cities in the world, a place where music and song have reverberated down the streets and out of the concert halls for centuries. Music resonates through the Neapolitan gene pool – E ‘nel sangue.

Along with the musical piece used in “Kill Bill” this classical music composition by Richard Strauss from 1896 has been used in countless television commercials, other films, TV shows and openings for athletes and entertainers. The opening fanfare “Sunrise” from this tone poem or orchestral music is featured in the opening, The Dawn of Man and closing segments within the film. Even though it is less than a two-minute piece of music it’s still popular for over four decades testifies to its literal timelessness. Without question it is the quintessential movie music to use in an opening and closing for such an epic film.

The film stars Clint Eastwood, who was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor, playing William Munny. This film co-stars Gene Hackman, who 12 years a slave awards years a slave awards for Best Actor in Supporting Role, playing Little Bill Daggett. The film also co-stars Morgan Freeman, playing Ned Logan, Richard Harris, playing English Bob, Jaimz Woolvett, playing The Schofield Kid, Saul Rubinek, playing W.W. Beauchamp, and Frances Fisher, playing Strawberry Alice.

I’m doing a lot more comedy now. I think if that film would’ve been a big success, they would have asked me to do more of it. You know, at that time, I was, “I don’t really want to do this” and my mother was like, “But you’re good at it, you should you do it!” My mother was encouraging and my wife was encouraging, and I did it. When I watch it, there are a lot of funny things in it. Working with Nancy Marchand was wonderful.

Irene Cara was back at it again, performing an Academy Award winning song. In 1980 she was the singer for the Oscar winning song “Fame” and in 1983 she performed and co-wrote the lyrics for the Best Song from the movie Flashdance. Keith Forsey also received lyrical credit and Giorgio Moroder wrote the music. The song is featured twice in the movie: once in the opening credits and then also in the ending audition sequence for the character Alex, as played by Jennifer Beals. Flashdance is a musical romance iconic for some dancing imagery involving a chair, Jennifer Beals, and water. The story centers around a steel working woman with dreams of joining a dance company.

Top Gun might have flown you into the “danger zone” of jet dog-fighting, but the softer more romantic side of the movie with the song “Take My Breath Away” was what earned Oscar gold. Composer Giorgio Moroder of Flashdance fame was once again behind the music, while the Tom Whitlock lyrics were performed for the movie by the band Berlin.

Most men also say that kilt is very comfortable and warm piece of cloth and there is no worry that tights would be needed. Also a real Scot usually doesn’t have underwear underneath his kilt. Did David Hasselhoff wear anything when he lifted his kilt in front of people before the audition to Scottish edition of “British Got Talent”? Who knows.

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