My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things
Game of Thrones season 7
Image by Charisma:
I was tagged by Isla a few days ago but my hard drive died and then I got the flu so here it is!

1. Color- Pink
2. Flower- Wisteria
3. Animal- Dogs, my babies Ruby and Roxie
4. Singer/band- Taylor Swift
5. Book- Game of Thrones
6. Movie- Moulin Rouge
7. Hot Drink- Hot Chocolate
8. Cold Drink- Iced Chai
9. Food- Cinnamon Buns
10. Hobby- Crocheting (I made that Ewok)
11. Outfit- Sundresses
12. Song- Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis
13. Number- 14
14. Place to visit- Ireland
15. Season- Summer

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