My Brother Michael Jackson.With Love

It looks like P had the sleepover giggles or the Layover Laughter or something like that. Diana Ross was my hero and she wanted muscles all over his body and so did I! Attempting to return to my initial approach, I’ll close with a simple statement.
While none of these are guaranteed and any predictions are always fraught with risks, I’m reasonably sure the majority of them will prove to be quite accurate. They are based on my analysis of the personalities involved and the outcomes of similar situations from the past.

Some people start a blog with the idea that they are going to turn it into an Internet business. When they find out how much work that is they decide to stop it.

In my comment section I have lots of emails from very upset fans. Most didn’t get tickets; and some who did but can’t make it due to not being able to a flight, etc.

That doctor who thought he was doing him a favor by being there everyday knew better. He should have argued to the loss of his job to get Michael off those drugs.

I strongly resonate with John Donne’s XVII. Meditation. I believe all of us are more connected than we think. When we hurt someone we hurt ourselves, and yet, tragically, we find it difficult to learn from the mistakes of others; parents, family, friends, even our self.

Michael Jackson fans around the world have been listening to his songs ever since they got the news of his death. But now the world can listen to the eery 9-1-1 call that brought help to Michael Jackson on Thursday, June 25.Listening to the call lends a sense of reality to this unbelievable event.

“Basic common sense requires 911 be called immediately. Basic common sense. And we know that was not done,” said Prosecutor David Walgren who is Deputy D.A. and gave opening remarks.

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