Movie Review – Dead Man Walking (1995)

I thought I knew what to expect from the Coen Brothers’ latest film project True Grit. Popcorn is considered an early synthpop recording. However, that same year Biograph, a 5-album, triple-disc box set did well.
What’s a “treadmill movie?” The treadmill home videos available on the Internet mostly feature dogs, cats, and (even a shrimp!) on treadmills, people falling off treadmills, and men dancing on treadmills. No, treadmill movies is not where treadmills are the featured hero, villain, or theme. A treadmill movie is one people watch while using a treadmill! People have being doing this at the gym for years, but now that some home treadmills have bigger screens and can connect to the Internet, home users can choose the movies themselves.

One other director that has to be mentioned on any list of mine is Quentin Tarantino. Where do I even begin? Some of his best movies include Kill Bill: Vol 1, Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds, and Reservoir Dogs.

The films lovers are also well represented. Cher 12 years a slave awards years a slave awards for her performance in “Moonstruck;” She also has a Golden Globe to her credit, a couple of Grammy’s, etc. Cher is the only female performer who has consistently had hits in 4 consecutive decades. No one else has accomplished this, and probably never will. If you were to ask me about the performers of today and their ability to reach the same mark, I would honestly say, “I doubt any of them could or will.” What’s amazing is, she’s still going. She’s vi brant and alive, when she hits that concert stage, it is pure magic.

When an average moviegoer watches a film most will notice obvious elements like the acting, special effects, and maybe the dialogue. Do you think the average moviegoer understands what cinematography is? Do you think more people today can appreciate a cinematographer’s contribution to a film than they did when you started your career almost 40 years ago?

I remember seeing the film “Blackboard Jungle” on TV as a kid. When I heard the theme song I absolutely fell in love with it. To me it was the greatest song I ever heard. Coincidentally, the film “American Graffiti” was released shortly thereafter. It was also used as its opening theme song. You heard the song everywhere at that time, because of this 1950s nostalgic craze back in the early to mid 70s. Dick Clark has proclaimed “Rock Around the Clock” as the national anthem of rock and roll.

Turturro: Yes. It’s a new version of “Tammurrita Nera.” The song doesn’t usually start with “Pistol Packin’ Mama.” Traditionally, “Pistol Packin'” is referred to in the end of the original song.

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