Milwaukee’s Summerfest 2010 To Feature Top Music Acts Of Today And Yesterday

There have been many artists that have been involved in the blues, but most of the famous ones played guitar. Freddie Mercury was responsible for a lot of the bands success. I am familiar with most of the advances made in music.

Karaoke no longer has to be reserved solely for weekend festivities with Tunes of Texas at Papa’s Ice House in The Woodlands. Coated in a pink neon glow and boasting a casual atmosphere, this establishment is a long standing bar in The Woodlands area. They continue to create a draw with both their food and entertainment. This bar’s best characteristic, aside from the flamingo pink exterior, is the laidback vibe. Plastic tables, chairs and an open air patio make it feel more like a country ice house than a bar in The Woodlands. The $1 draft beer isn’t bad either.

I was really started getting into it and then I met this guy in Batavia, Illinois named Gary Marzuki. I was walking by the Batavia News Agency and I heard him inside jammin’ with some guys. He showed me some licks on the guitar, and I remember there was another kid in my neighborhood who had a Country Gentleman. It had the half-moon fret markers and I thought they were so cool and had the Bigsby bar on it. He taught me “Stairway to Heaven” which I learned in 10 minutes in the back room.

Milo knew that he wanted to start his own band and develop his own type of music. Influenced by James Brown, Sly Stone, the Rolling Stones, LL Cool J, Miles Davis, KRS 1, Led Zeppelin, and Jimmy Hendrix, Milo started writing his own music. Combining rock, rap, jazz, blues and funk, Milo developed what he calls Razzamofunk, his signature style.

Roll to Me, Del Amitri. If you go to the band’s Myspace page, you’ll get an earful, and a very different perspective on the song. That song paid for the band members’ homes, and for that, they say in the Myspace rant, they are grateful. However, the many requests for the song has frustrated and flat out worn them out. Of all of their songs, according to their Myspace page, it’s the one song that is least representative of their style, and they want people to know how good their music really is.and it is.

YES. The best band you’ve never heard. Well SOMEONE must be listening. A rock band doesn’t survive every fluctuation in the industry – from disco to punk to grunge – without someone enjoying their music! Instead of crooning about teenage love and the angst of breaking up, lead singer Jon Anderson has been forever hammered by critics for writing cosmic lyrics that often sound great but make little sense. What the heck is a “Siberian Khatru” anyway?

The name just stuck around. I guess it has become a guise to step out of real life and into someone else’s. At first it was just the name of our band. The band that can’t play a single song, yet still refers to itself as a band.

Are you still looking to get signed, and how important is it to you? Do you feel artists lose creative control when their under the control of a label?

NAZIA HASSAN was the very first one particular to cross the forbidden Pakistan-India border to sing in an Indian movie called “Qurbani” which was “APP JAISA KOI”. And later this song grew to become a youth anthem in the two India and Pakistan. And future NAZIA, ZOHAIB and BIDDU (an Indian composer) teamed up to release “DISCO DEEWANE” which grew to become the biggest pop offering album till then in Pakistan.

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