Micheal Jackson Lives Forever

This is especially true if you’re trying to make money with your blog. Growing up in the neighborhood of the man who would change music and culture as we know it was anything but ordinary. You could cut it out like a paper doll as you like.
This list is no doubt not complete. Many more guests will be at the memorial. VIP guests will be at the private memorial. The hall that is being used at “Forest Lawns Hollywood Hills”, holds 1200 people.

Check your local listings this Sunday to catch Steve Kroft’s “A Living for the Dead” on 60 Minutes. Kroft will examine the large amounts of money brought in by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, James Dean and, most recently, Michael Jackson.

8,750 people will be chosen, each receiving two tickets; 17,500 tickets all together. A portion of fans will go to The Staple Center; the balance going to The Nokia center across the street.

Even the most famous of us like Jackson and McNair don’t get to take our money, cars, house or other worldly goods. We also don’t get to take our relationships or anything else. It’s a lonely, yet very connected to everything, journey, so they say.

The beautiful Farrah Fawcett made waves too. Remember when she liberated women everywhere with “The Burning Bed” and served up a little BBQ’d abusive hubby?

On the Brewers Association’s website we have posted a page called “Remembering Michael.” There has been an outpouring of contributions and remembrances from many individuals around the world. Here are a few poignant excerpts from others that help capture what I think Michael has meant to so many of us.

Finally, in spite of all these tips on how to get into songwriting, remember that most successful songwriters are also the most active listeners. Open your ears to the sounds and noises of the universe and you will know how to get into songwriting.

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