Manson Family Member Susan Atkins Denied Compassionate Release, Despite Terminal Illness

A lot of people are quick to judge Lohan based on the current situation in her personal life. His drug addiction and constant visits to rehab have been mostly ignored by his family except his brother, Harvey.
Dolls have been an integral part of the horror genre for many years, and Hollywood has been a major exploiter of this phenomenon. There have been countless films about the voodoo religion, particularly voodoo dolls. Although their origin can be traced to identifying pressure points for use in healing it is thought that slaves exploited the myth as a form of self defence against ruthless slave owners. Thus the belief that a specific individual can be cursed through a voodoo doll was born, and exploited. Such is the popularity of the voodoo doll myth today that tourists can buy voodoo dolls in Port au Prince, Haiti – the centre of the voodoo religion!

However, there is another story that this episode only touched on. That is the story of David Oman. David is a filmmaker and he believes the spirits of some of those murdered on that night so long ago visit his home.

Back in 1969, Charles Manson, Susan Atkins, Tex Watson, Steve Grogan, Patricia Krenwinkel, Linda Kasabian and Leslie Van Houten went to Leno and Rosemary LaBianca’s home. Leno and Rosemary were captured and tied up by Manson and Watson. Under the orders of Manson, Patricia Krenwinkel, Tex Watson and Leslie Van Houten murdered the couple. It was one of the most vicious crimes of the decade. Five members of the Manson family were sentenced to death for those murders and for the murders that took place at the home of Sharon Tate. Later their punishment was commuted to life in prison.

You head to your local market and you buy a jar of something some company wants you to believe is nacho cheese whatever. You take it home, open the jar and spoon the sludge over some tortilla chips. There, dribbling over the chips is germ warfare happening right before your eyes. You lift the chemically laden chips to your mouth and chomp. Quite obviously, you hate yourself.

But the trouble starts when Randall emerges from the rehab and has to wait two weeks for Jeffery to finish his time at the center. Randall is under the eagle eye of his brother and after two weeks never hears from Jeffery. After a month he figures it was all just BS and figures he better move on. But one phone call changes all that and Randall finds himself carrying a relapsed Jeffery out of a drug den and into a frenzied adventure as they put their plan into action.

Before the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge was built, the ferries provided a necessary function of getting workers and supplies across the frigid waters of the bay. Today, you will see them still scooting across, but with day trippers. Alcatraz is the magnet which pulls most of the tourists, however, in its shadow is another great reason to hop on one of these busy boats. Sausolito. It is a quaint, yet upscale town once used for ship building. Not huge, an unaggressive walker can span the main part of town in mere minutes. Packed neatly into the area are plenty of places to shop, eat, and drink. A perfect destination for a wonderful afternoon.

We will all get pulled over eventually, and most of us will get nervous. Don’t do the above things and chances are the officer will not club you or haul you off to prison. However, if you’re looking for a free meal and a new cellmate friendship, I suggest any of these five things.

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