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Take a look back at the year 1974

1974 (MCMLXXIV) was a common year starting on Tuesday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1974th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 974th year of the 2nd millennium, the 74th year of the 20th century, and the 5th year of the 1970s decade.


January 11 – David, Elizabeth, Emma, Grant, Jason and Nicolette Rosenkowitz are born in Cape Town, the first recorded sextuplets in the world where all six babies survive.
January 15 – Happy Days, a sitcom about life in the 1950s, debuts on ABC.
January 17 – Two commercial divers, Pier Skipness and Robert John Smyth, die from rapid decompression and drowning in the Norwegian Sector of the North Sea after their diving bell abruptly surfaces from a depth of 320 feet (98 m).[1][2]
January 20 – The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon makes its first flight at Edwards Air Force Base, California.
January 26 – Bülent Ecevit of CHP forms the new government of Turkey (37th government, partner MSP).
February 1
Fire breaks out in the Joelma Building in São Paulo, Brazil; 177 die, 293 are injured, 11 die later of their injuries.
Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is declared a Federal Territory.
February 4 – Heiress Patty Hearst is kidnapped outside her Berkeley, California apartment by the Symbionese Liberation Army.
February 8 – After a record 84 days in orbit, the crew of Skylab 4 returns to Earth.
February 12 – The first episode of children’s television series Bagpuss airs in Britain.
February 17 – Zamalek disaster: a soccer stampede occurs in Cairo, killing 49.
March 3 – Turkish Airlines Flight 981 travelling from Paris to London crashes in a wood near Paris, killing all 346 aboard. This becomes the deadliest single aircraft accident with no survivors.
March 4
Following a hung parliament in the United Kingdom general election, Conservative prime minister Edward Heath resigns and is succeeded by Labour’s Harold Wilson, who previously led the country from 1964 to 1970.[3]
People magazine’s first issue released in the U.S. with Mia Farrow on the cover.
March 8
Charles de Gaulle Airport opens in Paris, France.
Queen releases Queen II with the single Seven Seas of Rhye.
The final episode of the American television series The Brady Bunch airs.
March 18
End of five-month oil embargo by most OPEC nations against the United States, Europe and Japan which had caused the 1973 oil crisis.
After 23 consecutive years on television, Lucille Ball airs the finale of Here’s Lucy.
March 26 – A group of peasant women in Chamoli district, Uttarakhand, India, use their bodies to surround trees in order to prevent loggers from felling them, giving rise to the Chipko movement.
March 29
The Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang is discovered at Xi’an, China.[4]
Launch of the Volkswagen Golf in West Germany, a modern front-wheel drive hatchback which is expected to replace the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, holder of the world record for the car with the most units produced.
April – The world population reaches 4 billion people estimated by the United States Census Bureau.
April 2 – French president Georges Pompidou, dies of cancer at 63. Alain Poher succeeds him immediately; Valéry Giscard d’Estaing wins the presidential contest in May 1974.
April 3–4 – An enormous tornado outbreak strikes the central parts of the United States, killing around 319 people. Known as the "1974 Super Outbreak", the event was the largest of its kind until the 2011 Super Outbreak.
April 4 – Hank Aaron ties Babe Ruth for the all-time home run record with his 714th at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati.
April 5 – Stephen King publishes Carrie, his first novel.
April 6
Swedish pop group ABBA’s song Waterloo wins the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton, England, UK.
California Jam is held at the Ontario Motor Speedway in Ontario, California, attracting 250,000 fans.
April 8 – Hank Aaron became the all-time MLB home run leader with his 715th at Atlanta in front of a national television audience.
April 11 – The Kiryat Shmona massacre takes place in Israel.
April 15 – As "Tania", Patty Hearst is photographed wielding an M1 carbine while robbing the Sunset District branch of the Hibernia Bank in San Francisco.
April 24 – Guillaume Affair: exposure of an East German spy Günter Guillaume within the West German government, leading to the resignation of West German Chancellor Willy Brandt.[5]
April 25 – Carnation Revolution: A left-wing military coup in Portugal restores democracy, ending 41 years of the Estado Novo dictatorship in the country. Portuguese Prime Minister Marcelo Caetano flees to Brazil and is granted political asylum by Brazilian President Ernesto Geisel.
May 4
An all-female Japanese team summits Manaslu in Nepal, becoming the first women to climb an 8,000 metres (26,000 ft) peak.
The Expo ’74 world’s fair opens in Spokane, Washington.
May 6 – Willy Brandt West Germany’s chancellor resigns; replaced by Helmut Schmidt.
May 17 – Dublin and Monaghan bombings: The Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), explode four car bombs in Dublin and Monaghan in the Republic of Ireland. The attacks kill 33 civilians and wound almost 300, the highest number of casualties in any single day during "The Troubles".
A massive, two-hour shootout between the Los Angeles Police Department and members of the Symbionese Liberation Army leaves six SLA members, including SLA leader Donald DeFreeze, dead.
May 18
1974 Australian federal election: Gough Whitlam’s Labor Government is re-elected with a reduced majority, defeating the Liberal/Country Coalition led by Billy Snedden. Whitlam consequently becomes the first Labor Prime Minister to be re-elected in his own right. The Democratic Labor Party meanwhile lost all five of their Senate seats, effectively wiping them out as a political force.
Nuclear weapons testing: Under Project Smiling Buddha, India successfully detonates its first nuclear weapon, becoming the 6th nation to do so.
The Warsaw radio mast is completed, the second tallest structure ever built (it collapses on August 8, 1991).
Heaven’s Gate, an American millenarian New Age religious group, is founded by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles.
May 19 – The Philadelphia Flyers defeat the Boston Bruins to become the first team from the 1967 NHL expansion class to win the Stanley Cup in the North American National Hockey League.
May 24 Duke Ellington, American composer, bandleader, pianist dies at the age of 75.
May 30
Johnny Rutherford wins the first of three Indianapolis 500s
NASA’s ATS-6 satellite is launched.
Main article: June 1974
June 4 – The Cleveland Indians stage an ill-advised Ten Cent Beer Night for a game against the Texas Rangers at Cleveland Municipal Stadium. Cleveland forfeits after alcohol-fueled mayhem and violence spreads from the stands onto the field.
June 13 – The 1974 FIFA World Cup begins in West Germany.
June 14 – The Annual Jackson, Dorian Festival of DOING IT LIVE begins
June 17 – A bomb explodes in Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the British Houses of Parliament. The hall’s annex, housing offices and a canteen, is destroyed by the bombing, attributed by police to the Provisional wing of the Irish Republican Army.
June 26 – The Universal Product Code is scanned for the first time, to sell a package of Wrigley’s chewing gum at the Marsh Supermarket in Troy, Ohio.
June 29
Isabel Perón is sworn in as the first female President of Argentina, replacing her sick husband Juan Perón, who dies 2 days later.
America Sings attraction opens to the public for the first time at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.
Main article: July 1974
July 7 – West Germany beats the Netherlands 2–1 to win the 1974 FIFA World Cup. The West German football team are awarded the new FIFA World Cup Trophy.
July 8 – Two weeks after the attraction’s opening, an 18-year-old employee is crushed to her death while working on America Sings at Disneyland. This is the first casualty to occur to an employee at a Disney Park.
July 15
The Greek military junta sponsors a coup d’état in Cyprus, replacing President Makarios III with Nikos Sampson.
News anchor Christine Chubbuck commits suicide during a live broadcast on WXLT-TV in Sarasota, Florida.
July 16 – Elmer Wayne Henley is sentenced to life imprisonment for assisting Dean Corll in murdering 28 Texas boys from 1970 to 1973.
July 19 – Railcar explosion in Decatur, Illinois. A tanker car collides with a Norfolk & Western boxcar. Seven people are killed, 349 are injured and $18 million in property damage.[6]
July 20 – The Turkish invasion of Cyprus occurs.
July 23 – The Greek military junta is replaced by a civilian government, the metapolitefsi.

August 9: Gerald Ford becomes the 38th President of the United States
August 4 – A bomb explodes in a train between Italy and West Germany, killing 12 and wounding 48. Italian neo-fascists take responsibility.
August 7 – Philippe Petit crosses between Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City high-wire walking.
August 9 – Watergate scandal: U.S. President Richard Nixon announces his resignation on August 8, effective at noon on August 9. Vice President Gerald Ford is sworn in as the 38th President of the United States upon Nixon’s resignation.
August 14
Turkey invades Cyprus for the second time, occupying 37% of the island’s territory.
Greece withdraws its forces from NATO’s military command structure, as a result of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.
August 30 – An express train bound for Germany from Belgrade derails in Zagreb, Yugoslavia (now Croatia), killing more than 150 passengers.
September 8
TWA Flight 841 crashes into the Ionian Sea 18 minutes after take off from Athens, after a bomb explodes in the cargo hold, and kills 88 people.
President Gerald Ford pardons former president Richard Nixon.
September 10 – The Portuguese military junta grants independence to Guinea-Bissau.
September 12 – Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia is deposed by the Derg, bringing an end to the Solomonic dynasty’s rule since 1270. The Ethiopian Civil War begins.
September 12 – African Youth Amílcar Cabral is founded in Guinea-Bissau.
September 13 – Japanese Red Army members seize the French Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands.
September 20 – The Kootenai War is declared, and 10-cent tolls are charged on U.S. Highway 95.
September 23 – Ceefax (one of the first public service information systems) is started by the BBC.
October 11 – The UK Labour government of Harold Wilson wins the second general election of the year, forming a three-seat majority. Wilson, who has led the party for a total of 11 years, has now won four of the five general elections he has contested.[7]
October 26 – Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional Puertorriqueña (FALN) sets off 5 bombs in Manhattan, with their largest bomb set off in the Financial District.[8]
October 30 – The Rumble in the Jungle takes place in Kinshasa, Zaire, where Muhammad Ali knocks out George Foreman in eight rounds to regain the Heavyweight title, which had been stripped from him seven years earlier.
November 1
The World Tourism Organization (WTO or WToO) is established.
The German electronic band Kraftwerk releases their studio album Autobahn.
November 5 – The Democratic Party makes big gains nationwide in House, Senate and Gubernatorial elections.
November 13
Ronald DeFeo Jr., murders his entire family in their home in Amityville on Long Island, an event that inspires the story of The Amityville Horror.
McDonald’s open their first UK restaurant in Woolwich, South East London.[9]
November 16 – Arecibo message: The radio telescope at the Arecibo Observatory on Puerto Rico sends an interstellar radio message towards Messier 13, the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules. The message will reach its destination around the year 27,000.
November 18 – The International Energy Agency is founded.
November 21 – Birmingham pub bombings: In Birmingham, England, two pubs are bombed, killing 21 people in an attack widely believed at the time to be linked to the Provisional Irish Republican Army. The Birmingham Six are later sentenced to life in prison for this, but their convictions are quashed after a lengthy campaign.[10]
November 22 – The United Nations General Assembly grants the Palestine Liberation Organization observer status.
November 24 – A skeleton from the hominid species Australopithecus afarensis is discovered and named Lucy.
November 26 – Anneline Kriel is crowned as Miss World 1974, the second South African to hold the title after Penny Coelen in 1958, when Helen Morgan resigns four days after winning the 24th Miss World pageant.
November 28 – In a rare (and final) public performance, former Beatle John Lennon joins Elton John on stage at Madison Square Garden in New York City.
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December 1 – A Boeing 727 carrying TWA Flight 514 crashes 40 kilometres (25 mi) northwest of Dulles International Airport during bad weather, killing all 92 people on board.
December 9 – The Paris summit, reuniting the European Communities’ heads of state and government, commences.
December 13 – Malta becomes a republic.
December 17 – The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) becomes a specialized agency of the United Nations.
December 24–25 – Darwin, Australia is almost completely destroyed by Cyclone Tracy.
Date unknown[edit]
Rubik’s Cube puzzle is invented by Hungarian architecture professor Ernő Rubik.[11]
Dungeons & Dragons fantasy tabletop role-playing game, designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, is first released, in the United States.
PepsiCo becomes the first American company to sell products in the Soviet Union.[12]

Kevin Durand

Kate Moss

Maulik Pancholy

Ed Helms

Christian Bale

Olivia Colman
January 1 – Reem Maged, Egyptian journalist
January 3 – Alessandro Petacchi, Italian road cyclist
January 9
Farhan Akhtar, Indian film director, screenwriter, actor, singer, producer, and television host
MF Doom, English recording artist and producer
January 10 – Hrithik Roshan, Indian actor
January 12
Melanie Chisholm, English singer-songwriter (Spice Girls)
Tor Arne Hetland, Norwegian cross-country skier
January 13 – Kaili Vernoff, American actress
January 14 – Kevin Durand, Canadian-American actor and singer
January 16 – Kate Moss, English model
January 17
Derrick Mason, American football player
Keith Robinson, American actor and R&B singer
January 18
Gustavo Kupinski, Argentine guitarist (d. 2011)
Maulik Pancholy, American actor
January 19 – Éva Novodomszky, Hungarian journalist and presenter
January 20 – Rae Carruth, American football player
January 21 – Maxwell Atoms, American animator
January 22 – Joseph Muscat, 13th Prime Minister of Malta
January 23
Scott Doran, Irish Gaelic footballer (d. 2018)
Tiffani Thiessen, American actress
January 24 – Ed Helms, American actor and stand-up comedian
January 27 – Ole Einar Bjørndalen, Norwegian biathlete
January 28 – Kari Traa, Norwegian freestyle skier
January 29
Michael Andersen, Danish basketball player
Kōji Wada, Japanese rock singer (d. 2016)
January 30
Christian Bale, English actor
Olivia Colman, English actress
January 31 – Anna Silk, Canadian actress

Steve Nash

Seth Green

Elizabeth Banks

Naseem Hamed

Robbie Williams

Mahershala Ali

Jerry O’Connell

James Blunt

Dominic Raab
February 3
Ayanna Pressley, American politician
Miriam Yeung, Hong Kong actress and singer
February 4
Urmila Matondkar, Indian actress
Shahab Hosseini, Iranian actor and film director
February 6 – Aljo Bendijo, Filipino journalist, broadcaster, TV/radio host
February 7
Cheryl Cosim, Filipino journalist, news anchor, TV host
J Dilla, American record producer and rapper (d. 2006)
Steve Nash, Canadian basketball player
Nujabes, Japanese record producer and DJ (d. 2010)
February 8
Seth Green, American actor and comedian
Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, French musician and record producer
Kimbo Slice, Bahamian-born American boxer and mixed martial artist (d. 2016)
February 10
Elizabeth Banks, American actress and film director
Ivri Lider, Israeli singer
February 12 – Naseem Hamed, British boxer
February 13 – Robbie Williams, British singer
February 14
Philippe Léonard, Belgian footballer
Valentina Vezzali, Italian fencer
February 15
Miranda July, American author, director, actor, musician and spoken-word artist
Mr Lordi, Finnish singer
Alexander Wurz, Austrian racing driver
Gina Lynn, American porn actress
February 16 – Mahershala Ali, American actor and rapper
February 17 – Jerry O’Connell, American actor
February 18 – Jillian Michaels, American personal trainer, businesswoman, author and TV personality
February 19 – Lezley Zen, American porn actress
February 22 – James Blunt, English singer
February 24 – Bonnie Somerville, American actress
February 25
Divya Bharti, Indian film actress (d. 1993)
Chad Hugo, American musician and producer
Dominic Raab, British politician, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
February 26
Sébastien Loeb, French rally driver
Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski, Filipino actress and equestrienne
February 27 – Hiroyasu Shimizu, Japanese speed skater

Eva Mendes

Jenna Fischer

Grace Park

Percy Montgomery

Ted Kravitz

Alyson Hannigan
March 1 – Mark-Paul Gosselaar, American actor
March 3 – David Faustino, American actor
March 4
Karol Kučera, Slovak tennis player
Ariel Ortega, Argentine football player
March 5
Jens Jeremies, German footballer
Matt Lucas, English comedian
Eva Mendes, American actress and model
Barbara Schöneberger, German actress, singer, and TV host
Hiten Tejwani, Indian model and actor
March 6
Anthony Carelli, Canadian professional wrestler
Cooper Manning, television host
March 7
Jenna Fischer, American actress
Antonio de la Rúa, Argentine lawyer
March 8
Danny Corkill, American child actor
Cesar Velasco Broca, Spanish actor
March 12
Hekiru Shiina, Japanese voice actress and singer
Jama Williamson, American actress
March 14 – Grace Park, Canadian actress
March 15 – Percy Montgomery, South African rugby union player
March 20 – Carsten Ramelow, German footballer
March 21 – Ted Kravitz, British presenter and reporter
March 22
Marcus Camby, American basketball player
Kidada Jones, American actress
Bassem Youssef, Egyptian journalist
March 24 – Alyson Hannigan, American actress
March 25 – Lark Voorhies, American actress and singer
March 28
Daisuke Kishio, Japanese voice actor
Scott Mills, British radio DJ and television presenter
March 29 – Miguel Gómez, Colombian photographer
March 30
Ronnie Kerr, American actor
Miho Komatsu, Japanese pop singer and songwriter
March 31
Natali, Russian singer, composer and songwriter
Jani Sievinen, Finnish swimmer

Jenna Jameson

Victoria Beckham

Penélope Cruz
April 1 – Marcos Balter, Brazilian composer
April 2 – Håkan Hellström, Swedish musician
April 8 – Chris Kyle, American sniper (d. 2013)
April 9 – Jenna Jameson, American pornographic actress
April 11
Tricia Helfer, Canadian actress and model
Alexander Kuoppala, Finnish guitarist
April 12 – Marley Shelton, American actress
April 13 – Marta Jandová, Czech musician and actress
April 15
Gabriela Duarte, Brazilian actress
Danny Pino, Cuban American actor
Tim Thomas, American ice hockey goaltender
April 16 – Xu Jinglei, Chinese actress and director
April 17
Mikael Åkerfeldt, Swedish musician (Opeth)
Victoria Beckham, English singer and fashion designer
April 18
Lorraine Pilkington, Irish actress
Edgar Wright, English film director
April 20 – Tina Cousins, English singer
April 21 – Faust, Norwegian drummer
April 22 – Shavo Odadjian, Armenian-born rock bassist
April 23 – Barry Watson, American actor
April 24 – Jennifer Paz, Filipino actress
April 28 – Penélope Cruz, Spanish actress and model
April 29 – Anggun, Indonesian-French singer-songwriter

Breckin Meyer

Laura Pausini

Steve Cardenas

Kenan Doğulu

CeeLo Green

Shiboprosad Mukherjee
May 1
Kellie Crawford, Australian singer and actress
Lornah Kiplagat, Kenyan-Dutch runner
May 2
Matt Berry, English actor and singer
Horacio Carbonari, Argentinian footballer and manager
Garðar Thór Cortes, Icelandic tenor and actor
Andy Johnson, English-Welsh footballer
Janek Meet, Estonian footballer
May 3
Peter Everitt, Australian footballer and radio host
Princess Haya bint Al Hussein of Jordan
May 4
Miguel Cairo, Venezuelan baseball player and coach
Tony McCoy, Irish jockey and sportscaster
May 6
Bernard Barmasai, Kenyan runner
Daniela Bártová, Czech pole vaulter and gymnast
Faruk Namdar, German-Turkish footballer
Patrick Tang, Hong Kong actor and singer
May 7
Lawrence Johnson, American pole vaulter
Breckin Meyer, American actor
Ian Pearce, English footballer and manager
May 8
Marge Kõrkjas, Estonian swimmer
Korey Stringer, American football player (d. 2001)
Jon Tickle, English television host
May 10
Liu Fang, Chinese pipa player
Sylvain Wiltord, French footballer
May 11 – Adam Kaufman, American actor
May 14 – Chantal Kreviazuk, Canadian singer-songwriter
May 16
Laura Pausini, Italian singer
Adam Richman, American actor and television personality
Sonny Sandoval, American vocalist
May 17 – Andrea Corr, Irish singer
May 20
Mikael Stanne, Swedish singer
Colette Wong, Singaporean sports anchor
Shiboprosad Mukherjee, Indian film director, writer and actor
May 19 – Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Indian film actor
May 21 – Fairuza Balk, American actress
May 22
Sean Gunn, American actor
A. J. Langer, American actress
Henrietta Ónodi, Hungarian artistic gymnast
May 23 – Jewel, American singer
May 23 – Ken Jennings, American writer and game show champion (Jeopardy!)
May 26 – Lars Frölander, Swedish swimmer
May 28 – Misbah-ul-Haq, Pakistani cricketer
May 29 – Steve Cardenas, American martial artist and actor
May 30
Big L, American rapper (d. 1999)
CeeLo Green, African-American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actor
May 31 – Kenan Doğulu, Turkish pop musician

Alanis Morissette

Kelly Jones

Bear Grylls

Craig Lowndes

Joel Edgerton

Derek Jeter
June 1 – Alanis Morissette, Canadian-American singer
June 2 – Gata Kamsky, American chess player
June 3
Kelly Jones, Welsh singer-songwriter
Martín Karpan, Argentinian actor
June 7
Mahesh Bhupathi, Indian tennis player
Bear Grylls, British survivalist
June 9 – Samoth, Norwegian musician
June 13
Katharina Bellowitsch, Austrian radio and TV presenter.
Takahiro Sakurai, Japanese voice actor
Selma, Icelandic singer
Steve-O, American actor
June 19
Bumper Robinson, American actor and voice actor
Mustaque Ahmed Ruhi, Bangladeshi member of parliament
June 21
Natasha Beaumont, Malaysian actress and model
Patrick Downey, American football player
Craig Lowndes, Australian race car driver
Maggie Siff, American actress
Hitoshi Uematsu, Japanese short track speed skater
June 22
Devayani, Indian actress
Donald Faison, American actor
Amber O’Neal, American professional wrestler
B. V. S. Ravi, Indian writer
Tu Tamarua, Cook Islands rugby union flanker
Vijay, Indian actor
Lyndsay Walker, Australian cricketer
June 23
Meg-John Barker, English author, academic, activist and psychotherapist
Joel Edgerton, Australian actor
Kim Young-chul, South Korean comedian and singer
Andi Vasluianu, Romanian actor
June 24
Magnus Carlsson, Swedish singer
Andrea De Cruz, Singaporean actress
Ruffa Gutierrez, Filipino model, beauty queen and actress
June 25
Jeff Cohen, American attorney and former child actor
Karisma Kapoor, Indian actress
Tereza Pergnerová, Czech actress, singer and television presenter
June 26
Jason Craig, American artist
Derek Jeter, American baseball player
Ecija Ojdanić, Croatian actress
Nicole Saba, Lebanese singer and actress
Kristofer Steen, Swedish musician
Matt Striker, American professional wrestler and commentator
June 27 – Christopher O’Neill, British-American businessman
June 28
Rob Dyrdek, American skateboarder
Nelson Mariano II, Filipino chess Grandmaster
June 29 – Pua Khein-Seng, Malaysian businessman
June 30
Kelli Ali, British vocalist
Tony Rock, American actor
Hezekiél Sepeng, South African middle distance athlete

Jefferson Pérez

Jeanna Friske

Michael Dante DiMartino

Lauren Faust

Josh Radnor

Hilary Swank
July 1
Timmy Hung, Hong Kong actor
Jefferson Pérez, Ecuadorean race walker
July 2
Michael Budd, Australian actor
Rocky Gray, American musician
Kiyohiko Shibukawa, Japanese fashion model actor
Moon So-ri, South Korean actress, film director and screenwriter
July 3
Taiga Ishikawa, Japanese politician and LGBT activist
Corey Reynolds, American musical theatre, television, and film actor
Marko Milošević, Serbian fugitive and refugee
July 4
Kevin Hanchard, Canadian actor
Karole Rocher, French actress
Mick Wingert, American actor and voice actor
July 7 – Jennifer Jones, Canadian curler
July 8
Jeanna Friske, Russian singer, actress, model and socialite (d. 2015)
Dragoslav Jevrić, Montenegrin footballer
July 11 – Alanas Chošnau, Lithuanian singer and songwriter
July 12
Gregory Helms, American professional wrestler
Parvin Dabas, Indian actor, model and director
Sharon den Adel, Dutch singer
Hurricane Helms, American professional wrestler
Ryan Lizza, American journalist
July 14
Martina Hill, German actress, comedian and impersonator
David Mitchell, British comedian and actor
July 15 – Maszlee Malik, Malaysian politician
July 16 – Jeremy Enigk, American singer-songwriter
July 18 – Michael Dante DiMartino, American animator
July 19 – Ramin Djawadi, Iranian-German score composer
July 20
Doug Ithier, Australian footballer
Simon Rex, American actor, rapper, and VJ
Bonny B., Cambodian bluesman, blues
July 21 – Terry Coldwell, English singer

July 22
Franka Potente, German actress
Johnny Strong, American actor and musician
July 23
Maurice Greene, American athlete
Kathryn Hahn, American actress
Stephanie March, American actress
Rik Verbrugghe, Belgian road racing cyclist
July 24
Eva Aridjis, Mexican-American director and screenwriter
July 25 – Lauren Faust, American animator
July 26 – Daniel Negreanu, Canadian poker player
July 28 – Alexis Tsipras, Greek politician
July 29 – Josh Radnor, American actor
July 30 – Hilary Swank, American actress
July 31 – Emilia Fox, English actress

Michael Shannon

Derek Fisher

Natasha Henstridge

Amy Adams
August 4 – Wasabi Mizuta, Japanese voice actress
August 5 – Kajol, Indian actress
August 6 – Ever Carradine, American actress
August 7
Chico Benymon, American actor
Michael Shannon, American actor
August 8 – Brian Harvey, English singer
August 9 – Derek Fisher, American basketball player
August 11 – Chris Messina, American actor and film director
August 12 – Karl Stefanovic, Australian TV host
August 13 – Niklas Sundin, Swedish musician
August 14 – Christopher Gorham, American actor
August 15 – Natasha Henstridge, Canadian actress and model
August 16
Didier Cuche, Swiss alpine skier
Krisztina Egerszegi, Hungarian swimmer
August 20
Amy Adams, American actress
Misha Collins, American actor
Maxim Vengerov, Russian violinist
August 22
Matthew Buckland, South African internet entrepreneur and businessman (d. 2019)
Jenna Leigh Green, American actress and singer
Lee Sheppard, Australian cartoonist
August 23
Ray Park, Scottish actor and martial artist
Ovi, Romanian-Norwegian singer-songwriter, producer and musician
Shifty Shellshock, American singer
August 24 – Jennifer Lien, American actress
August 28 – Carsten Jancker, German footballer
August 30 – Rich Cronin, American singer-songwriter (LFO) (d. 2010)

Jhonen Vasquez

Chad Coleman

Ryan Phillippe

Austin St. John

Jimmy Fallon
September 1 – Jhonen Vasquez, American comic book writer and cartoonist
September 3 – Jen Royle, American sports reporter and chef
September 4 – Carmit Bachar, American singer
September 6
Tim Henman, English tennis player
Mylene Dizon, Filipino actress and musician
Nina Persson, Swedish singer
Sarah Strange, Canadian actress and voice actress
Chad Coleman, African-American actor
September 7 – Glenn Ljungström, Swedish guitarist
September 10
Mirko Filipović, Croatian kickboxer; mixed martial arts fighter
Kerry Harvick, American singer
Ryan Phillippe, American actor
Ben Wallace, American basketball player
Elizabeth Jasicki, British actress
September 12 – Jennifer Nettles, American musician
September 13 – Fiona Avery, comic book and television writer
September 14 – Hicham El Guerrouj, Moroccan athlete
September 15 – Wael Kfoury, Lebanese singer, musician, and songwriter
September 17
Rasheed Wallace, American basketball player
Austin St. John, American actor and martial artist
September 18
Kelly William Newman, Canadian movie and music expert
Sol Campbell, English footballer
Xzibit, American rapper
September 19
Jimmy Fallon, American actor, comedian, and television personality
Victoria Silvstedt, Swedish model
September 22 – Wayne Grayson, American voice actor and director
September 23 – Matt Hardy, American professional wrestler
September 24
Niels Brinck, Danish singer and songwriter
Kati Wolf, Hungarian singer
September 26
Gary Hall Jr., American swimmer
Joo Jin-mo, South Korean actor
September 28 – Shane Webcke, Australian rugby league player
September 29 – James Lance, English actor
September 30
Yul Bürkle, Venezuelan actor and model
Daniel Wu, American-Hong Kong actor, director and producer

Hoàng Xuân Vinh

Charlotte Perrelli

Paul Kariya

Joaquin Phoenix
October 1 – Keith Duffy, Irish singer
October 2 – Rachana Banerjee, Indian film actress
October 3 – Marianne Timmer, Dutch speed skater
October 6 – Hoàng Xuân Vinh, Vietnamese sports shooter
October 7
Allison Munn, American actress
Charlotte Perrelli, Swedish singer
Alexander Polinsky, American actor and voice actor
October 8 – Koji Murofushi, Japanese hammer thrower
October 10
Dale Earnhardt Jr., American race car driver
Chris Pronger, Canadian hockey player
October 11
Jason Arnott, Canadian hockey player
Greg Poehler, American actor
October 14
Jessica Drake, American porn actress
Dana Glover, American singer and songwriter
October 15 – Shumon Basar, British writer and editor
October 16
Aurela Gaçe, Albanian singer
Paul Kariya, Canadian hockey player
October 17 – Matthew Macfadyen, English actor
October 18
Jeremy Scahill, American journalist
Zhou Xun, Chinese actress and singer
October 20
Mohammad Sidique Khan, Islamic terrorist who led the 7 July 2005 London bombings[13] (d. 2005)
Brian Limond, Scottish comedian and writer
Bashar Rahal, American actor
October 21 – Lera Auerbach, Russian composer and pianist
October 23
Aravind Adiga, Indian-Australian author
Sander Westerveld, Dutch soccer player
October 24 – Catherine Sutherland, Australian actress
October 28
Nelly Ciobanu, Moldovan singer
Joaquin Phoenix, American actor born in Puerto Rico
October 29
Akashdeep Saigal, Indian television actor and model
Yenny Wahid, Indonesian activist and politician
October 31 – Natasja Saad, Danish rapper and reggae singer (d. 2007)


Leonardo DiCaprio

Petter Solberg

Stephen Merchant
November 2
Nelly, American rapper
Prodigy, American rapper (d. 2017)
November 4
Cedric Bixler-Zavala, Mexican-American singer
Louise Nurding, English singer
Carl Steven, American child actor (d. 2011)
November 5
Ryan Adams, American singer and songwriter
Jerry Stackhouse, American basketball player
November 8
Penelope Heyns, South African swimmer
Masashi Kishimoto, Japanese manga author
Matthew Rhys, Welsh actor
November 9
Alessandro Del Piero, Italian football player
Manav Gohil, Indian television actor
November 10
Michael Greenspan, Canadian filmmaker and writer
November 11
Leonardo DiCaprio, American actor
Jon B., American singer-songwriter
November 13 – Kerim Seiler, Swiss artist and architect
November 15 – Chad Kroeger, Canadian singer
November 16 – Paul Scholes, English football player
November 18 – Petter Solberg, Norwegian rally driver
November 20
Drew Ginn, Australian rower
Kurt Krömer, German television presenter, comedian and actor
November 21 – Tiit Sukk, Estonian actor, director and television presenter
November 24 – Stephen Merchant, English comedian and actor
November 27
Wendy Houvenaghel, British racing cyclist
Zsófia Polgár, Hungarian-born chess player
November 28
Federico Gutiérrez, Colombian politician
November 29 – Ferenc Merkli, Hungarian Slovene priest, writer and translator
November 30 – Wallace Chung, Hong Kong actor and singer

Nicole Appleton

Sarah Paulson

Giovanni Ribisi

Ryan Seacrest
December 1 – Costinha, Portuguese footballer
December 4 – Tadahito Iguchi, Japanese baseball player
December 5
Kid Koala, Canadian DJ, turntablist, musician and graphic novelist
Lisa Sheridan, American actress (d. 2019)
December 7 – Nicole Appleton, Canadian singer
December 9 – Luisa Bradshaw-White, English actress
December 10 – Meg White, American drummer
December 11
Rey Mysterio, American wrestler
Ben Shephard, English television presenter
Gete Wami, Ethiopian long-distance runner
December 12 – Michelle Saram, Singaporean singer and actress
December 13 – Nick McCarthy, English guitarist
December 17
Sarah Paulson, American actress
Giovanni Ribisi, American actor
December 18
Kari Byron, American artist and television personality
Viki Miljković, Serbian singer
December 19
Eduard Ivakdalam, Indonesian footballer
Ricky Ponting, Australian cricketer
December 20
Paul Linger, English footballer
Jacqui Oatley, British sports presenter
December 25 – Dylan Vox, American actor and producer
December 24
Marcelo Salas, Chilean footballer
Ryan Seacrest, American television personality
December 27
Fumiko Orikasa, Japanese voice actress and singer
Alena Vinnitskaya, Ukrainian singer
December 28 – Jocelyn Enriquez, American singer
December 29 – Mekhi Phifer, American actor
December 31 – Tony Kanaan, Brazilian racing driver

Tex Ritter

Glenn Morris
January 1 – Jimmy Smith, American Major League Baseball infielder (b. 1895)
January 2 – Tex Ritter, American actor and country musician (b. 1905)
January 3
Gino Cervi, Italian actor (b. 1901)
Red Snapp, American baseball player (b. 1888)
January 5 – Dewey Mayhew, American football coach (b. 1898)
January 6
Lech Pijanowski, Polish screenwriter, film critic, broadcaster and director (b. 1928)
David Alfaro Siqueiros, Mexican painter and muralist (b. 1896)[14]
January 7 – Wang Shusheng, Chinese general (b. 1905)
January 8 – Charles-Édouard Ferland, Canadian jurist, Liberal politician and Senator (b. 1892)
January 10 – Charles G. Bond, U.S. House of Representatives from New York (b. 1877)
January 11 – Antonio Bautista, Filipino pilot with the Philippine Air Force (b. 1937)
January 12
Jack Jacobs, American-born National Football League and Canadian Football League player (b. 1919)
Princess Patricia of Connaught, (b. 1886)
January 14 – Joseph Dippolito, Italian American Mafia member of the Los Angeles crime syndicate (b. 1914)
January 15 – Harold D. Cooley, U.S. House of Representatives (b. 1897)
January 17 – Clara Edwards, American singer, pianist and composer (b. 1880)
January 18 – Bill Finger, American comic strip and book writer (b. 1914)
January 19 – Edward Seago, British artist (b. 1910)
January 20 – Leonard Freeman, American actor (Hawaii Five-0) (b. 1920)
January 20 – Robert Guy Howarth, Australian scholar, literary critic and poet (b. 1906)[15]
January 22 – Oskar Herman, Croatian Jewish painter (b. 1886)
January 25 – William Fawcett, American character actor, mostly in B-movies (b. 1884)
January 26 – Julius Patzak, Austrian tenor (b. 1898)
January 27
Georgios Grivas, Greek-Cypriot colonel (b. 1898)
Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg, German general (b. 1886)
January 28 – Oswald Cornwallis, English cricketer (b. 1894)
January 29 – H. E. Bates, English writer and author (b. 1905)
January 30 – Bill Whitty, Australian cricketer (b. 1886)
January 31
Pina Gallini, Italian actress (b. 1888)
Samuel Goldwyn, Polish-born American film studio executive (b. 1879)
Glenn Morris, American Olympic athlete (b. 1912)

Satyendra Nath Bose

George Van Biesbroeck
February 4 – Satyendra Nath Bose, Indian mathematician and physicist (b. 1894)
February 7 – Edward Beck, British Army (b. 1880)
February 15
Kurt Atterberg, Swedish composer (b. 1887)
George W. Snedecor, American mathematician and statistician (b. 1881)
February 17 – Ralph W. Gerard, American neurophysiologist and behavioural scientist (b. 1900)
February 21 – Tim Horton, Canadian ice hockey player and co-Founder of the Tim Hortons restaurant chain (b. 1930)
February 23 – George Van Biesbroeck, American-born Belgian astronomer (b. 1880)
February 24
Margaret Leech, American historian and fiction writer (b. 1893)
Robert A. Stemmle, German screenwriter and film director (b. 1903)

Red Wing

Eduardo Santos
March 1
Hüseyin Kemal Gürmen, Turkish theatre and cinema actor (b. 1901)
Bobby Timmons, American jazz pianist and composer (b. 1935)
March 2 – Péter Schell, Hungarian politician (b. 1898)
March 3
Barbara Ruick, American actress and singer (b. 1930)
Frank Wilcox, American character actor (b. 1907)
March 4 – Adolph Gottlieb, American abstract expressionist painter (b. 1903)
March 5
John Samuel Bourque, French-Canadian politician, Cabinet Minister, military member, and businessman from Québec, Canada (b. 1894)
Billy De Wolfe, American character actor (b. 1907)
March 6 – Ernest Becker, American anthropologist and writer; who won the 1974 Pulitzer Prize (posthumously) for his book The Denial of Death (b. 1924)
March 7
Moriji Mochida, last person ever awarded the 10th dan rank in kendo (b. 1885)
Hans Sachs, Holocaust survivor and poster collector (b. 1881)
March 8 – Martha Wentworth, American actress (b. 1889)
March 9 – Earl Wilbur Sutherland Jr., American physiologist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1915)
March 10 – Alexander John Majeski, American architect and Naval Lieutenant (b. 1920)
March 12
Oleksii Shovkunenko, Ukrainian painter (b. 1884)
Red Wing, American actress (b. 1873)
March 14 – Maulana Shams-ud-din Harifal, Pakistani Islamic scholar (b. 1944)
March 15 – José Tohá, Chilean Socialist politician, minister (assassinated) (b. 1927)
March 17 – Louis Kahn, Russian-born American architect (b. 1901)
March 19 – Edward Platt, American actor known as, "The Chief" on NBC/CBS’s Get Smart (b. 1916)
March 20 – Chet Huntley, American television reporter (b. 1911)
March 21 – Candy Darling, American actress (b. 1944)
March 22 – Peter Revson, American race car driver (b. 1939)
March 24 – Lewie G. Merritt, U.S. Marine, major general and aviator (b. 1897)
March 27
Wilhelm Herget, German Luftwaffe flying ace (b. 1910)
Eduardo Santos, Colombian publisher and politician, 15th President of Colombia (b. 1888)
March 29
Andrea Checchi, Italian actor (La ciociara) (b. 1916)
Joe Stecher, American professional wrestler (b. 1893)
March 31 – Frank Seno, American football running back and defensive back (b. 1921)

Georges Pompidou

Ayub Khan

Franz Jonas

Agnes Moorehead
April 2
Douglass Dumbrille, Canadian actor (b. 1889)
Georges Pompidou, 100th Prime Minister of France and 19th President of France, Co-Prince of Andorra (b. 1911)
April 3 – Ossie Newton-Thompson, South African cricketer and politician (b. 1920)
April 5 – A. Y. Jackson, Canadian painter and a founding member of the Group of Seven (b. 1882)
April 6
Willem Marinus Dudok, Dutch modernist architect (b. 1884)
Roy Wood, American professional baseball player (b. 1892)
April 8 – K. A. C. Creswell, English architectural historian (b. 1879)
April 10 – Patricia Collinge, Irish-born American actress (b. 1892)
April 11 – Edward Alexander Bott, psychologist at the University of Toronto (b. 1887)
April 14
Howard Pease, American adventure novelist (b. 1894)
Michael Whalen, American actor (b. 1902)
April 18
Betty Compson, American actress (b. 1897)
Marcel Pagnol, French novelist (b. 1895)
April 19 – Ayub Khan, Pakistanian general and politician, 2nd President of Pakistan (b. 1907)
April 20 – Peter Lee Lawrence, German actor in Spaghetti Westerns; such as For a Few Dollars More (b. 1944)
April 21 – Mirja Mane, Finnish actress (b. 1929)
April 23 – Cy Williams, American baseball player (b. 1887)
April 24
Bud Abbott, American comedian (b. 1895)
Franz Jonas, Austrian political figure, 7th President of Austria (b. 1899)
April 25 – Gustavo R. Vincenti, Maltese architect and developer (b. 1888)[16]
April 27 – Hans W. Petersen, Danish actor of over 40 films (b. 1897)
April 28 – Paul Page, American actor of the 1920s and 1930s (b. 1903)
April 30 – Agnes Moorehead, American actress (b. 1900)

Duke Ellington

Fred Kelly
May 1 – Frank Packer, Australian media proprietor (b. 1906)
May 2
James O. Richardson, American admiral (b. 1878)
William Wantling, American ex-Marine, poet and novelist (b. 1933)
May 3
Nasir Khan, Indian actor (b. 1924)
Ralph McCabe, Canadian-born Major League Baseball player (b. 1918)
May 4 – Ludwig Karl Koch, German broadcaster and sound recordist (b. 1881)
May 6 – Robert Maestri, Mayor of New Orleans (b. 1889)
May 7
Abu Bakar of Pahang, Fourth Sultan of Pahang (b. 1904)
Fred Kelly, American Olympic athlete (b. 1891)
May 8 – Fred Conyngham, Australian actor (b. 1901)
May 10 – Takeshi Sakamoto, Japanese actor (b. 1899)
May 12 – Wayne Maki, Canadian National Hockey League player (b. 1944)
May 13 – Jaime Torres Bodet, Mexican public servant, 2nd Director-General of the UNESCO (b. 1902)
May 14 – Jacob L. Moreno, Romanian-American psychiatrist and psychosociologist (b. 1889)
May 15 – Guy Simonds, Canadian Lieutenant-General, commander of the Canadian Armed Forces in World War II (b. 1903)
May 16 – Billy Welu, American professional bowler (b. 1932)
May 17 – Symbionese Liberation Army Los Angeles police shootout of its members
Angela Atwood, American founding member of the Symbionese Liberation Army (b. 1949)
Donald DeFreeze, American leader of the Symbionese Liberation Army; who went by the nom de guerre "Field Marshall Cinque" (b. 1943)
Camilla Hall, American member of the Symbionese Liberation Army; one of main kidnappers of heiress Patricia Hearst (b. 1945)
Nancy Ling Perry, American member of the Symbionese Liberation Army (b. 1947)
Patricia Soltysik, American member of the Symbionese Liberation Army (b. 1950)
May 18 – Harry Ricardo, engineer (b. 1885)
May 19 – Allal al-Fassi, Moroccan politician, poet, writer and scholar (b. 1910)
May 20 – Jean Daniélou, French Catholic cardinal, theologian and academic (b. 1905)
May 21 – Lily Kronberger, Hungarian figure skater (b. 1890)
May 24 – Duke Ellington, American jazz pianist and bandleader (b. 1899)
May 25
Donald Crisp, English-American actor, film director, screenwriter and producer (b. 1882)
Arturo Jauretche, Argentine writer, politician and philosopher (b. 1901)
May 26 – Kitty Gordon, English stage and silent film actress. (b. 1878)
May 27 – Rudolf Altstadt, German soldier in World War II (b. 1914)
May 28 – Francesco Fausto Nitti, Italian journalist (b. 1899)
May 31
Adelle Davis, American author and nutritionist (b. 1904)
Frederick George Topham, Canadian soldier and recipient of the Victoria Cross (b. 1917)

Mamerto Urriolagoitía

Eurico Gaspar Dutra

Georgy Zhukov
June 1 – Henry Clay Sevier, American lawyer and member from Louisiana House of Representatives (b. 1896)
June 2 – Roger C. Slaughter, American lawyer and U.S. Representative from Missouri (b. 1905)
June 3 – Rashid Nezhmetdinov, Soviet chess player (b. 1912)
June 4
Smokey Harris, Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1890)
Mamerto Urriolagoitía, 50th President of Bolivia (b. 1895)
June 5 – Larry Cabrelli, American football player and assistant coach Philadelphia Eagles (b. 1917)
June 7 – Abdul Rahman Hashim, Malaysian Inspector-General of Police (b. 1925)
June 9
Miguel Ángel Asturias, Guatemalan writer, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1890)
Katharine Cornell, Berlin-born, American stage actress, writer, theatre owner, and producer (b. 1893)
Carlo Pisacane, Italian actor (b. 1889)
June 10 – Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, 11th Governor-General of Australia (b. 1900)
June 11
Eurico Gaspar Dutra, Brazilian marshal and 16th President of Brazil (b. 1883)
Julius Evola, Italian philosopher (b. 1898)
June 12 – André Marie, French Radical politician, 65th Prime Minister of France (b. 1897)
June 14 – Knud Jeppesen, Danish musicologist, composer, and songwriter (b. 1892)
June 15 – Kevin Gately, English mathematics student at University of Warwick involved in the Red Lion Square disorders (b. 1953)
June 16
Amalie Sara Colquhoun, Australian landscape and portrait painter (b. 1894)
Mauritz Hugo, Swedish-born American film and television actor (b. 1909)
June 17
Pamela Britton, American actress (b. 1923)
Austin Gunsel, 3rd commissioner of the National Football League (b. 1909)
June 18 – Georgy Zhukov, Soviet Army marshal and Minister of Defence (b. 1896)
June 21 – Katsutaro Kouta, Japanese female geisha and ryūkōka singer (b. 1904)
June 22 – Darius Milhaud, French composer (b. 1892)
June 23 – Calvin B. Hoover, noted U.S. economist and professor (b. 1897)
June 24 – József Juhász, Hungarian stage and film actor (b. 1908)
June 25 – Cornelius Lanczos, Hungarian mathematician and physicist (b. 1893)
June 26 – Ernest Gruening, American journalist, Governor of Alaska Territory from 1939 to 1953, and United States Senator from 1959 to 1969 (b. 1887)
June 27 – Fred DeStefano, American football player and physician; who won the National Football League title with the Chicago Cardinals of 1925 (b. 1900)
June 28
Vannevar Bush, American engineer, inventor and science administrator (b. 1890)
Frank Sutton, American actor (b. 1923)
June 29 – José Maria Ferreira de Castro, Portuguese writer and journalist (b. 1898)
June 30 – Alberta Williams King, American civil rights champion, wife of Martin Luther King, Sr., and mother of Martin Luther King Jr. (b. 1904)

Juan Perón

Earl Warren

James Chadwick

Cass Elliot

Erich Kästner
July 1 – Juan Perón, Argentine army general and politician, 2-time President of Argentina (b. 1895)
July 2
Sonia Holm, English actress (b. 1920)
Edith L. Sharp, Canadian writer (b. 1911)
July 4
Georgette Heyer, British writer (b. 1902)
André Randall, French actor (b. 1892)
July 6 – Joseph Baldacchino, Maltese archaeologist (b. 1894)
July 7
Leon Shamroy, American Academy Award-winning cinematographer (b. 1901)
Cornelius Vanderbilt IV, American publisher and member of the Vanderbilt Family (b. 1898)
July 8
Mário Simões Dias, Portuguese violinist (b. 1902)
Margaret Furse, British Academy Award-winning costume designer for Anne of the Thousand Days (b. 1911)
July 9 – Earl Warren, American jurist and politician, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court (b. 1891)
July 10 – Nancy Wickwire, American soap opera actress (b. 1925)
July 11 – Pär Lagerkvist, Swedish writer, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1891)
July 12 – Sonja Ludvigsen, Norwegian politician (b. 1928)
July 13
Patrick Blackett, Baron Blackett, British physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1897)
Prince Christian of Schaumburg-Lippe (b. 1898)
July 14
Dame Sibyl Hathaway, Seigneur of Sark (b. 1884)
Carl Andrew Spaatz, U.S. Air Force general (b. 1891)
July 15
William Albrecht, Chairman of the Department of Soils at the University of Missouri (b. 1888)
Christine Chubbuck, American TV personality (b. 1944)
Victor Negus, British surgeon (b. 1887)
July 16 – Oduvaldo Vianna Filho, Brazilian playwright (b. 1936)
July 17 – Dizzy Dean, American baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals) and a member of the MLB Hall of Fame (b. 1910)
July 19 – Joe Flynn, American actor (b. 1924)
July 20 – Charles Rudolph d’Olive, American World War I ace (b. 1896)
July 22 – Wayne Morse, American lawyer, politician, and United States Senator from Oregon (1945–1969) (b. 1900)
July 23 – Peter Lei, Bishop of Hong Kong (b. 1922)
July 24 – Sir James Chadwick, British physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1891)
July 25 – Robert Hanbidge, Canadian lawyer and politician, Mayor of Kerrobert and 12th Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan (b. 1891)
July 27
Lightnin’ Slim, American blues musician (b. 1913)
Joop Pelser, Dutch footballer (b. 1892)
July 28 – Truman Bradley, American radio actor (b. 1905)
July 29
Cass Elliot, American vocalist (b. 1941)
Erich Kästner, German author (b. 1899)
July 30 – Lev Knipper, Soviet composer (b. 1898)

Charles Lindbergh

Norman Kirk
August 2 – Cyril Smith, English virtuoso concert pianist (b. 1909)
August 3
Edna Murphy, American actress of the silent era (b. 1899)
Almira Sessions, American character actress (b. 1888)
August 4 – Józef Kondrat, Polish stage and film actor (b. 1902)
August 5 – Friedrich F. Tippmann, Hungarian entomologist (b. 1894)
August 6 – Gunboat Smith, Irish-born American boxer and referee (b. 1887)
August 7 – Rosario Castellanos, Méxican poet and author (b. 1925)
August 8 – Baldur von Schirach, Nazi German Hitler Youth leader (b. 1907)
August 11
José Falcón, Portuguese matador (gored to death by bull) (b. 1944)
Jan Tschichold, German-born typographer (b. 1902)
August 13 – Ernst Forsthoff, German jurist (b. 1902)
August 14 – Romuald Bourque, French-Canadian politician from Québec (b. 1889)
August 15 – Edmund Cobb, American actor (b. 1892)
August 17 – Aldo Palazzeschi, Italian novelist, poet, journalist and essayist (b. 1885)
August 18 – J. C. Winslow, British missionary to India for Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (b. 1882)
August 19 – Rodger Davies, American diplomat (assassinated) (b. 1921)
August 20 – Magda Sonja, Austrian actress (b. 1886)
August 21 – Buford Pusser, American Sheriff of McNairy County, Tennessee (b. 1937)
August 22 – Jacob Bronowski, Polish-Jewish British mathematician, biologist and science historian (b. 1908)
August 23 – Roberto Assagioli, Italian psychiatrist and pioneer (b. 1888)
August 24 – Alexander P. de Seversky, Russian-American aviation pioneer and inventor (b. 1894)
August 26 – Charles Lindbergh, American aviator (Spirit of St. Louis) (b. 1902)
August 27 – Otto Strasser, Nazi German politician (b. 1897)
August 28 – Aleksandar Sekulović, Montenegrin cinematographer (b. 1918)
August 29
Judith Furse, English actress (b. 1912)
Fred W. Preller, American politician (b. 1902)
August 30 – Kenneth Anderson, Indian-British writer and hunter (b. 1910)
August 31
Ali bin Abdullah Al Thani, Emir of Qatar (b. 1895)
Norman Kirk, New Zealander politician, 29th Prime Minister of New Zealand (b. 1923)
Gianna Manzini, Italian writer (b. 1896)

Prince Dhani Nivat

Prince Nikita Alexandrovich of Russia

Carlos Prats
September 1 – Mary Broadfoot Walker, Scottish physician (b. 1888)
September 2 – Walter Strenge, American cinematographer (b. 1898)
September 3 – Harry Partch, American composer (b. 1901)
September 4
Creighton Williams Abrams, American general (b. 1914)
Marcel Achard, French playwright and scriptwriter (b. 1899)
September 6
Olga Baclanova, Soviet stage and screen actress, operatic singer, and ballerina (b. c. 1893)
Otto Kruger, American actor of German descent (b. 1885)
September 7 – Juan Antonio Ipiña, Spanish football manager (b. 1912)
September 8
Dhani Nivat, Prince of Thailand (b. 1885)
Bert Niehoff, American Major League Baseball player (b. 1884)
Jimmy Swinnerton, American cartoonist, Little Jimmy (b. 1875)
September 10 – Melchior Wańkowicz, Polish army officer, writer, journalist, and publisher (b. 1892)
September 11 – Robert Nodar Jr., American Republican politician from New York and its member of the United States House of Representatives (b. 1916)
September 12
Prince Nikita Alexandrovich of Russia (b. 1900)
Craig Woods, American actor (b. 1918)
September 15 – René Capistrán Garza, Méxican Association of Catholic Youth leader, lawyer, screenwriter, and film critic (b. 1898)
September 16 – Phog Allen, American basketball and baseball player (b. 1885)
September 17 – Claudia Morgan, American actress, The Edge of Night in the 1950s (b. 1912)
September 18 – Edna Best, British actress (b. 1900)
September 19
Tránsito Cocomarola, Argentine musician and folklorist (b. 1918)
Zack Taylor, American baseball player and manager (b. 1898)
September 20
Fray José de Guadalupe Mojica, Mexican Franciscan friar, singer, and actor (b. 1896)
Sir Arthur Rylah, Australlian lawyer and politician. (b. 1909)
September 21
Walter Brennan, American actor; 3-time Best Supporting Academy Award-winning actor (1936, 1938, and 1940) (b. 1894)
Jacqueline Susann, American writer and actress (b. 1918)
September 22
Winfried Otto Schumann, German physicist (b. 1888)
George Spahn, American rancher connected to the Manson family (b. 1889)
September 23 – Cliff Arquette, American comedian who created the character Charlie Weaver (b. 1905)
September 24 – Dorothy Stone, American actress (b. 1905)
September 26 – Jean Gale, American vaudeville performer (b. 1912)
September 27
Silvio Frondizi, Argentine intellectual and lawyer (b. 1907)
James R. Webb, American soldier and screenwriter who won the 1963 Academy Award for How the West Was Won (b. 1909)
September 28 – Arnold Fanck, German film director who pioneered in the mountain film genre (b. 1889)
September 30
Carlos Prats, Chilean general and politician (assassinated) (b. 1915)
Sofía Cuthbert, wife of Carlos Prats (b. 1918)

Ed Sullivan

Elie Lescot
October 1
Stephen Latchford, American diplomat and aviation expert (b. 1883)
Frederick Moosbrugger, American admiral (b. 1900)
October 2 – Vasily Shukshin, Soviet actor, writer, screenwriter, and director from the Altai region (b. 1929)
October 3 – Bessie Louise Pierce, American historian (b. 1888)
October 4
Robert Lee Moore, American mathematician (b. 1882)
Anne Sexton, American poet and writer (b. 1928)
October 5 – Virgil Miller, American cinematographer (b. 1886)
October 6 – V. K. Krishna Menon, Indian statesman, diplomat and nationalist (b. 1896)
October 7 – Henry J. Cadbury, American biblical scholar and Quaker (b. 1883)
October 8 – Harry Carney, American jazz musician (b. 1910)
October 9
Theodore Foley, American Roman Catholic priest and servant of God (b. 1913)
Oskar Schindler, Sudetgerman businessman (b. 1908)
October 10 – Werner Heyking, Danish actor, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) (b. 1913)
October 11 – Frank Kowalski, American soldier United States Army and United States Representatives from Connecticut (b. 1907)
October 13
Josef Krips, Austrian conductor and violinist (b. 1902)
Sam Rice, American baseball player (Washington Senators) and a member of the MLB Hall of Fame (b. 1890)
Ed Sullivan, American television host (b. 1901)
October 14 – Sattar Bahlulzade, Azerbaijani landscape painter (b. 1909)
October 16 – Vlasta Dekanova, Czechoslovak artistic gymnast (b. 1909)
October 17
Johannes Krahn, German architect (b. 1908)
Tomotaka Tasaka, Japanese film director (b. 1902)
October 18 – Anders Lange, Norwegian politician (b. 1902)
October 19
Farrukh Ahmad, Bangladeshi poet and writer (b. 1918)
Nur Ali Elahi, Iranian jurist, musician, and spiritual thinker (b. 1895)
October 20 – Élie Lescot, 29th President of Haiti, leader of the World War II (b. 1883)
October 21 – Donald Goines, American writer of urban fiction (b. 1936)
October 23 – Melchior Lengyel, Hungarian writer, dramatist, and film screenwriter (b. 1880)
October 24 – David Oistrakh, Ukrainian violinist (b. 1908)
October 25 – Fahrettin Altay, Ottoman military officer (b. 1880)
October 26 – Bidia Dandaron, Buryat Buddhist practitioner in the USSR (b. 1914)
October 27
Paul Frankeur, French actor (b. 1905)
C. P. Ramanujam, Indian mathematician (b. 1938)
October 30 – Begum Akhtar, Indian singer (b. 1914)
October 31 – Mikheil Chiaureli, Soviet Georgian filmmaker (b. 1894)

Vittorio De Sica

Robert Hugo, Duke of Parma

Venerable Julia Navarrete Guerrero

Aklilu Habte-Wold, Aman Andom and Endelkachew Makonnen died on November 23, 1974

U Thant
November 1 – Ralf Harolde, American character actor (b, 1899)
November 2
Richard Kroner, German neo-Hegelian philosopher (b. 1884)
Farid-ud-Din Qadri, Pakistani Islamic scholar (b. 1918)
November 3 – Mamá Tingó, Dominican activist (b. 1921)
November 4 – Harry Fritz, American baseball player Chicago Whales (b. 1890)
November 5
Marguerite Namara, American lyric soprano (b. 1888)
Stafford Repp, American actor noted for his work on the Batman (TV Series) (b. 1918)
November 7
Rodolfo Acosta, Mexican-born American actor (b. 1920)
Eric Linklater, British author (b. 1899)
November 8 – Ivory Joe Hunter, American rhythm & blues singer, songwriter, and pianist (b. 1914)
November 9 – Egon Wellesz, British composer, teacher and musicologist (b. 1885)
November 13
Vittorio De Sica, Italian actor and film director (b. 1901)
Karen Silkwood, American chemical technician and labour union activist (b. 1946)
November 14 – Johnny Mack Brown, American football star and actor (b. 1904)
November 14 – Mr T Kelly, American star and actor (b. 1974)
November 15
Robert Hugo, Duke of Parma (b. 1909)
Konstantin Shayne, Russian-born, American actor (b. 1888)
November 16 – Walther Meissner, German technical physicist (b. 1882)
November 17
Erskine Hamilton Childers, Irish politician, 4th President of Ireland (b. 1905)
Clive Brook, English actor (b. 1887)
November 18 – Gösta Lilliehöök, Swedish pentathlete and 1912 Olympic Games champion (b. 1884)
November 19 – Alessandro Momo, Italian actor (b. 1956)
November 21
Julia Navarrete Guerrero, Mexican Roman Catholic religious professed and venerable (b. 1881)
Frank Martin, Swiss composer (b. 1890)
November 23
Cornelius Ryan, Irish-born American writer (b. 1920)
Massacre of the Sixty in Ethiopia of government and military officials.
Abiye Abebe, politician and army officer (b. 1918)
Aklilu Habte-Wold, politician and 6th Prime Minister of Ethiopia (b. 1912)
Aman Andom, army officer and 1st President of Ethiopia (b. 1924)
Asrate Medhin Kassa, aristocrat and army officer (b. 1922)
Endelkachew Makonnen, politician and 4th Prime Minister of Ethiopia (b. 1927)
November 25
Nick Drake, British musician (b. 1948)
U Thant, Burmese diplomat and 3rd Secretary-General of the United Nations (b. 1909)
November 27 – T. A. Madhuram, Tamil stage & film actress and film producer (b. 1918)
November 28 – Konstantin Melnikov, Soviet architect (b. 1890)
November 29
James J. Braddock, American boxer (b. 1905)
Peng Dehuai, Chinese leader (b. 1898)

Saint Maravillas de Jesús

Harry Hooper

Richard Long

Jack Benny and Frank Hussey died on December 26, 1974

Zachary Cope

Robert Ellis
December 1 – Anita Brenner, Mexican anthropologist, historian and author (b. 1905)
December 2
Sophie Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté, Russian-born, Canadian composer, virtuoso pianist, & violinist (b. 1899)
Max Weber, Swiss Federal Councilor (b. 1897)
December 3 – Hans Leibelt, German film actor (b. 1885)
December 4 – Lee Kinsolving, American actor (b. 1938)
December 5
Pietro Germi, Italian actor, screenwriter and director (b. 1914)
Zaharia Stancu, Romanian prose writer (b. 1902)
Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman, American tennis player (b. 1886)
December 6
Einar Texas Ljungberg, Swedish Socialist politician (b. 1880)
Frederik Jacobus Johannes Buytendijk, Dutch anthropologist, biologist and psychologist (b. 1887)
Nikolay Gerasimovich Kuznetsov, Russian admiral (b. 1904)
Luigi Salvatorelli, Italian historian and publicist (b. 1886)
December 7 – Ariyavangsagatayana, 17th Supreme Patriarch of Thailand, Member of the Chetupon Temple (b. 1896)
December 8 – Nadia Benois, Russian painter and stage designer; also the mother of English actor Peter Ustinov (b. 1896)
December 9
Hans Traut, German General-Lieutenant in the Nazi Wehrmacht in World War II (b. 1895)
Ludwig Weber, Austrian bass (b. 1899)
December 10 – Paul Richards, American actor, Beneath the Planet of the Apes (b. 1924)
December 11
Maravillas de Jesús, Spanish Roman Catholic professed member of the Discalced Carmelites and saint (b. 1891)
Reed Hadley, American radio, television and film actor (b. 1911)
December 12 – Booker McDaniels, American baseball pitcher in the Negro Leagues with (Kansas City Monarchs) (b. 1913)
December 13 – John G. Bennett, British mathematician (b. 1897)
December 14 – Walter Lippmann, American writer and journalist (b. 1889)
December 15 – Anatole Litvak, Ukrainian-born film director (b. 1902)
December 16 – Kostas Varnalis, Greek poet (b. 1884)
December 17
Luis Almarcha Hernández, Spanish cleric, politician and Roman Catholic bishop (b. 1887)
Bing Slamet, Indonesian singer, songwriter, comedian and actor (b. 1927)
December 18 – Harry Hooper, American baseball player (Boston Red Sox) and a member of the MLB Hall of Fame (b. 1887)
December 19
Bernd von Brauchitsch, German air force officer (b. 1911)
Catrano Catrani, Italian-born Argentine director & producer (b. 1910)
December 20 – André Jolivet, French composer (b. 1905)
December 21 – Richard Long, American actor (b. 1927)
December 22 – Gordon Purdy, Canadian Liberal politician (b. 1888)
December 23 – Jules Rykovich, Croatian-born, American football player (b. 1923)
December 24 – Sentarō Ōmori, Japanese admiral (b. 1892)
December 25 – Gorman Kennedy, Canadian executive and general manager of the Montreal Alouettes from (1957 to 1959) (b. 1907)
December 26
Jack Benny, American actor (b. 1894)
Frank Hussey, American Olympic athlete (b. 1905)
December 27
Bob Custer, American film actor (b. 1898)
Vladimir Fock, Soviet physicist (b. 1898)
Ned Maddrell, last surviving native speaker of the Manx language (b. 1877)
December 28 – Zachary Cope, British physician and surgeon (b. 1881)
December 29
Robert Ellis, American actor (b. 1892)
William Charles Fuller, Welsh soldier and recipient of the Victoria Cross (b. 1884)
December 30
George Howard Earle III, American politician and diplomat; served as Governor of Pennsylvania from 1935 to 1939 (b. 1890)
Sid Terris, American boxer (b. 1904)
December 31
Dogen Handa, Japanese professional Go player (b. 1914)
Robert Pache, Swiss footballer (b. 1897)
Nobel Prizes[edit]
Nobel medal.png
Physics – Sir Martin Ryle, Antony Hewish
Chemistry – Paul Flory
Medicine – Albert Claude, Christian de Duve, George Emil Palade
Literature – Eyvind Johnson, Harry Martinson
Peace – Seán MacBride, Eisaku Satō
Economics – Gunnar Myrdal, Friedrich Hayek

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