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The production left me distressed, disconcerted, disheartened, dismayed, and disgusted. I guess it has become a guise to step out of real life and into someone else’s. Chuck Berry has influenced a generation of players.
Well, they consist of Jimmy Page on guitar, Robert Plant on vocals, John Paul Jones on bass, and John Bonham on drums. However, since John died, his son Jason replaced him in their December 07 reunion concert.

For a few years I gave up trying to play as fast as Malmsteen. I started telling myself loser negative comments like “He’s just born better and faster” or “I could never be that good so why bother” and “I’m just better at rhythm guitar than lead” as well as “He probably started younger than me so I can never become that good as I started too late”.

TR: One of the interesting things about you is that you’re multi-instrumental. Some people think of you as a harmonica player, some people think of you as a guitarist — Which came first, the guitar or the harmonica, and how did you develop your proficient skills on each of them?

But that’s only a fraction of what’s in Black Dog Records. They boast a sizable section for practically every classic rock artist you can name, from Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin. If you want something a little more offbeat, you could pick up Kraftwerk’s Autobahn (available in both original and reissue pressings). Or if you like Punk, Metal, Jazz, Reggae or R&B/Soul, they’ve got you covered there, too. Black Dog is nothing if not diverse. And if you don’t want vinyl, they have a selection of CDs as well.

Part of their appeal is the way the bands vocals blend to create a wonderful harmony, demonstrated in songs like Bohemian Rhapsody. And also for their stage presence. Audiences loved Freddie Mercury and the bands’ concerts always sold out.They also collaborated with other artists on duets that became hits later on. One of those collaborations was with singer David Bowie on “Under Pressure”. It was a totally spontaneous event, as he just happened to come into the studio while they were recording.

9) Waiting for repeats: we understand that you are loathe to part with your collection of clothes from high school, just in case whatever was fashionable comes back, but even if it does, do you really think it will still fit you and look cool? Probably not.

You can follow the band by liking them on Facebook or by checking out their website. Check out a show near you as soon as possible and get there early since the venue is always standing-room-only packed with hundreds of fans. After seeing Milo perform just once, you will become a lifelong fan.

It’s tough in the radio business today. It was always a cutthroat business but these days it may even be more so. This was a senseless tragedy and a stupid way to go. However, it takes more than firing the on-air staff to make this one right. There were more people involved than that morning team and you had better believe they are scrambling to cover their butts right now.

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