Lindsay Lohnan: Offered Role In New Charles Manson Film

Out here in the Southwest we love this stuff but we don’t commit slow suicide when we’re eating it. He totally inhabits this role to the point that we often forget all about the Jack shtick. He doesn’t have hordes of followers or a side kick.
Not all of us are rich enough to live by ourselves. Not all of us are crazy enough to want to live with our parents for the rest of our lives. Where does that leave us? It’s time to find out how to get a roommate – and preferably one who isn’t bipolar.

The Good: I can’t be the only one who falls head over heels in infatuation with these stop-motion animated films. They’re just so delicate, so carefully crafted, so Victorian in their artistry and charm. Coraline is no different, its stop-motion weaves a spell almost immediately over its audience. It’s just too bad that spell is so bleak and dark.

So, which crowd will you be with this on Valentine’s Day 2013? Will you be cuddling up with your honey on a romantic dinner? Or, will you be single, loving it, and plotting your next move on the dating scene?

TMZ reported that she will not allow her two girls to be around Charlie Sheen at this time because it is too risky. The sites sources claim that Denise has said that she is “disgusted” by Charlie and the way he is living his life. Richards also believes the atmosphere and the frame of mind Charlie is in these days is very dangerous. To dangerous for her to allow Sam, 6, and Lola, 5 , to be around.

The humor and despair in the rehab center are written perfectly with an eye towards modern day, absurdist, rehab television. O’Neill describes in a way that even those who’ve never been to rehab can relate. That’s because we’ve all seen at least one show of celebrity rehab TV. Dr. Mike though is just as much a low life as the patients he’s treating, but he has the cash and fame so he’s a high class junkie. But his addiction isn’t solely prescription drugs. He’s in love with a tranny.

On August 8, 1969, with only two weeks before giving birth, Sharon Tate was brutally murdered in her Beverly Hills home along with four other victims. They were Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, heir to the Folgers Coffee fortune, Abigail Folger along with Steve Parent who was only 18 years old. Susan Atkins, Charles Manson, Charles “Tex” Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel and Linda Kasabian were all involved in the crime. Kasabian testified against the four in exchange for immunity. Atkins, Manson, Watson and Krenwinkel all received a death sentence but it later commuted to life in prison. Sharon Tate died at the young age of only 26 years old. Sharon Tate is currently buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.

When listening to The Downward Spiral you can feel some of the internal problems that Reznor himself was facing in his own life and the album serves as a interesting precursor to his struggles with substance abuse. The cd itself is a concept album built around the destruction of man. The listener is taken through the beginning of this particular man’s life through his numerous mistakes up until he takes his own life and then through his views from the grave.

Yet or in spite of all that, G’N’R is expected to play the Target Center in mid-November. Their tour is getting high praise, even from Rolling Stone Magazine. Take that with a grain of salt given how low that rags’ standards have fallen of late. Should the band defy their rep and actually show up, they will play to a highly partison crown. Without the power melodies former lead guitarist Slash provided, all that’s left is Axl Rose, several thousand cigarettes removed from 1987 and the release of that first album. Still, it’s better than the Vikings’ games. At least G’N’R plays the whole set.

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