Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Sued For Ripping Off “Dazed And Confused”

Led Zeppelin will begin offering up the legendary Swan Song/Atlantic catalog music on Spotify this week for the first time. There is a certain arrogance that goes along with getting into radio. In the flush of love, many go along with the flow.
Black Dog, Led Zeppelin: If you listen to the lyrics of Black Dog, you’ll find no mention of a dog, black or otherwise. According to guitar player extraordinaire Jimmy Page, the song title came in a simple way. While the band was recording the album, a black Labrador Retriever kept hanging around the Headly Grange studios. Burned out and lacking a better idea, the band decided it fitting to pay homage to the dog that hung around during the recording.

That’s not to say they don’t like new music. Black Dog carries everything from Arcade Fire and Ryan Adams to Sonic Youth and the Strokes. But owner Cliff’s heart is in the classic rock he grew up with. Ask him about the Beatles, and he lights up like a Christmas tree, eager to discuss how he loves all of them, but John is his favorite. Then he’ll point you to Black Dog’s vast Beatles section, dwarfing anything you’ll find outside of a record convention. You want the Fireman’s Electric Arguments LP? He’s got it. Wonderwall? Naturally. A U.K. pressing of Revolver? Of course.

Crank up some Led Zeppelin, pop in one of your Books on Tape, be a mad channel switcher.and don’t worry about pleasing the passenger with your choice, because there is no passenger. So get crazy!

After a weekend’s worth of smalltime shows, one half goes into the woods to fish and hunt, the other half goes out on the streets to protect the forest. And you really couldn’t expect anything else from their stereotypical bipolar nature.

Funnily enough, there was only a single string on that beat-up old guitar. Undaunted, I would sound out simple tunes on it. Ones I had learned at school. I would copy songs I heard either on Television or Radio. In my day (I guess I am showing my age) there were no such things as Videos, CD’s, DVD’s, Mp3’s, I pods. Psp and Zune’s. Very few people even had record players or records back in the day.

This is why when I was younger I could never play really fast. I was super tense if anything. I would attempt to crush any failure by tensing up even more.

Some people like to write for short periods. Others for long periods. I generally find that I burn out after a half day of heads-down writing. But I have a friend who works from 7 AM to 9 PM without a break. And another who’s been known to write for 48 hours without a break. (I presume that’s figurative but quite frankly I’m not about to ask). What’s your preferred mode? And will it disturb others?

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