Led Zeppelin Songs Associated With The 2009 Chicago Cubs

I can play Yngwie Malmsteens song “I am a Viking” note for note perfect without even breaking a sweat now. Dark blue jeans that are nicely fitted will do just fine. You can follow the band by liking them on Facebook or by checking out their website.

He has been rocking clubs throughout the world for over 20 years and has become a New York institution. His band has played in all of the major clubs in the city and has shared the stage with such super recording artists as the Neville Brothers, Al Greene, The Average White Band, and the Spin Doctors. His group even served as the house band for the NBC television show Last Call With Carson Daly. Despite all of his success, not many people know how Milo Z developed his unique sound.

How do I know? Well, I used to be in radio. I never made it past part-time but, in a way, that was even more depressing than being one of the regulars. There I would be talking in between Foreigner and Led Zeppelin songs and talking like anyone was really listening. Most of the time everyone out in the world just wanted me to shut the hell up and play the commercials and the Led Zeppelin song.

Instead of guitars and drums, the Rockabye Baby! version of the songs use mellotrons, vibraphones and bells. Snippets of the songs are available on the Rockabye Baby! website.

Milo grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, years before it became known as the East Village. Back then the area wasn’t inhabited by trendy yuppies and preppies. Instead, the area consisted of artists, musicians, junkies, winos and lower middle-class New Yorkers. These people and the grittiness of the neighborhood greatly influence Milo as he grew up and fell in love with music.

The all-star lineup of vocalist Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bass player John Paul Jones, and the aforementioned Bonham on the drums; released six consecutive brilliant albums to begin their careers. While rock and roll excess took its toll over the next few years leading up to Bonham’s death, the band cemented themselves as rock royalty.

The easiest thing to do is to fire the on-air talent. I never witnessed a contest like this but I saw a few that were weird. I remember one that involved the morning guy standing outside at a gas station in his underwear and having stickers ripped off his body with prizes written on them. Now this was not deadly but it was strange.

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