Led Zeppelin Reunion Flames Out

Plastic tables, chairs and an open air patio make it feel more like a country ice house than a bar in The Woodlands. What bands/musicians have you played with thus far? On others it’s Led Zeppelin and Beethoven that keeps me thinking.

Black Dog, Led Zeppelin: If you listen to the lyrics of Black Dog, you’ll find no mention of a dog, black or otherwise. According to guitar player extraordinaire Jimmy Page, the song title came in a simple way. While the band was recording the album, a black Labrador Retriever kept hanging around the Headly Grange studios. Burned out and lacking a better idea, the band decided it fitting to pay homage to the dog that hung around during the recording.

May 31, 1948: John Bonham, Led Zeppelin drummer who played on “Rockestra Theme” and “So Glad to See You Here” on the Wings’ album “Back to the Egg”, born.

Justice League went to Penny’s neighbor. Return to the Batcave went to a friend in Penny’s boyfriend’s band. The Tick ended up with a friend of a friend of a friend.

The young rockers recently embarked on a U.S. summer tour which originated in Portland, Ore., and will hit 45 cities winding down in New York on Aug. 19–all in the name of charity.

The solution for this is to be more like a wise tai chi master or buddhist monk. You make all your movements fluid and relaxed. You only use the exact amount of energy required for any guitar technique. You step outside of the chaos of the music and let it flow out of you in an almost detached fashion. When I am blazing up and down the fretboard I think of nothing just “what is”.

For a few years I gave up trying to play as fast as Malmsteen. I started telling myself loser negative comments like “He’s just born better and faster” or “I could never be that good so why bother” and “I’m just better at rhythm guitar than lead” as well as “He probably started younger than me so I can never become that good as I started too late”.

More Than A Feeling: Tom Scholz: Boston: This song has a short solo theme that acts as a pre-chorus and then a longer solo in the middle. Both are strong solos and perfectly placed to add excitement to the song. Tom Scholz has a great ability to be melodic, efficient, and at the same time to completely rock.

Ride Captain Ride, Blues Image: So much speculation has been made on this song that involves a lost ship and crew. One version claims it has to do with a ship lost with Sir Francis Drake; some even say the lyrics are really cloaked Biblical references. The truth of Ride Captain Ride, according to writer Mike Pinera, is that the song was purely a product of his imagination that day. As with Louie, Louie, those rumors fueled sales, so the writers rarely confirmed or denied the theories.

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