Led Zeppelin – Greatest Band Of All Time?

If I find a label that would be a good fit in helping with these things, I would definitely be open to it. You are able to learn the most difficult and complex lead phrasing, one note at a time. The Grammy Awards – to use a technical term – sucked!
Writing is a difficult task. And like any difficult task it’s one that we will attempt to avoid if possible. We procrastinate. We develop writer’s block. We practice writus interruptus. One technique to reduce our tendency to these time wasters is to develop a habit of writing in one particular place.

As much as we hate to admit it, the first thing we notice about someone else is how good or bad they look. But one of the first lessons we learn in the dating world is as beautiful as someone is on the outside, they could be ugly on the inside.

6) Flannel shirts: while us nineties children may still rock out to Nirvana and Pearl Jam, this doesn’t mean we have to fully embody the spirit of Kurt Cobain with his clothing. Unless you are a lumberjack that is.

Any artist has the right to say whatever they want. They should never be censored. People just need to be responsible for what they put out in the world and what they bring home from it. We can always change the dial if I don’t like what is on it. It’s that simple.

2) Robert Plant is one of the most amazing singers and one of the best frontman of all time. For anyone who’s just coming out of a 40 year coma and living in a bubble, Plant is the lead vocalist for the best band ever: Led Zeppelin. Zeppelin reunited to perform two shows in England at the end of 2007. These concerts received rave reviews and left us all dreaming of a U.S. tour. I, personally, have been waiting my entire life to see this band live. So what does Plant do? He comes to Red Rocks last year and plays with Alison Krauss instead of playing with, oh I don’t know, maybe . . . JIMMY PAGE! I’m still smarting from that, and the Grammys brought all of that hurt right back to the fore.

I draw inspiration from all kinds of musicians and bands. I’ve always had this idea about playing/collaborating with State Radio somehow.we’ll see. Although, I’d be up for playing with quite a lot of people.

Even though some of their music has trace elements of folk, blues, and even reggae; it is what they did as a classic hard rock band that elevated them to their perch in rock history. They took what The Who and The Kinks did with exception and made it commonplace for those in the rock world. Led Zeppelin touched virtually every rock band that has followed in the 40+ years since they burst onto the scene. These 5 songs are what make them the 2nd greatest artists in hard rock and heavy metal.

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