Learn To Play Lead Guitar

One was at the Slaughtered Lamb, opening for a couple of really good bands (The Sleeping Years and Rue Royal). It’s also fun to have an extended solo where you don’t have to have the gain cranked all the way up.
Gimme dollar fifty-five!’ Metallica has their share of substantial-octane lyrics that make you go: ‘what did he just yell?’ But this intro from ‘Fuel’ ranks right up there with the very best of them.

Cliffs of Dover: A Via Musicom: Eric Johnson:This one is certainly challenging in spots but well worth the effort. It starts with a rip-roaring E minor flurry that gradually descends and then climbs back up the neck with some awesome palm muted triplets into a killer G-Major lick before settling into the main theme.

When someone possesses a special skill, such as visual art or guitar virtuosity, they get tons of girls. People like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Tom Brady can go out with anyone they want because they are skilled. Heck, I’d go out with them. Usually skill occurs in tandem with passion, another attractive quality. When someone is really good at something, but not “hot,” it makes sense that they can still attract a lot of women. It’s less annoying to see someone like this in a relationship than it is to see a rich mean guy in a relationship.

It is ridiculous. Take responsibility for your own actions. Parents should take responsibility for their own children. This argument is pointless and should be reserved for high paid lawyers. Hopefully we are smart enough to not take a 3-minute rock song too seriously.

Billie Holiday – While some may consider her a jazz artist, there is no doubt that Billy Holiday was a prolific blues artist as well. She sang such eerily beautiful songs as Gloomy Sunday, Strange Fruit, and Solitude. She had a very distinct voice and her songs have been covered by many admirers. She unfortunately died young and penniless and, as with several musicians on this list, plagued by a drug habit.

With the goal of making children’s music cool, Rockabye Baby! has created quite a catalog of rock acts with lullaby renditions. Recent additions along with Guns N’ Roses include Aerosmith and Queen. The Guns N’ Roses CD, which is on the Rockabye Baby! website but not yet available for purchase, is scheduled to go on sale November 10. Rockabye Baby! music is also available on iTunes.

Some people like to write for short periods. Others for long periods. I generally find that I burn out after a half day of heads-down writing. But I have a friend who works from 7 AM to 9 PM without a break. And another who’s been known to write for 48 hours without a break. (I presume that’s figurative but quite frankly I’m not about to ask). What’s your preferred mode? And will it disturb others?

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