Koch-Con Round One Winner

Koch-Con Round One Winner

POLITICO: Koch donors give Marco Rubio early nod

The Koch Brothers use their immense wealth to influence American government at all levels to their own ends.

David Hamilton Koch and Charles de Ganahl Koch are the notorious Koch Bothers. The brothers own Koch Industries and are major benefactors for organizations and candidates involved in pushing radical Republican policies.

Politico: 4 GOP hopefuls expected to attend Koch event

The bodies in this image are adapted from a Creative Commons licensed image by Presidencia de la Nación Argentin available via Wikimedia.
The caricatures are based on the following images:
Marco Rubio: a photo in the public domain from Wikipedia.
Rand Paul: a Creative Commons licensed photo from Medill DC’s Flickr photostream.
Scott Walker: a photo in the public domain the United States Air Force.
Ted Cruz: a Creative Commons licensed photo from Jamelle Bouie’s Flickr photostream.

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