It’s Apple Season In Iowa

Every coach, wrestler, manager, parent or sibling associated with the sport knew McCool. We don’t know the name of the team yet, nor do we know how much money he’ll actually be earning. I have covered wrestling for the Register since 1984.
The first three games are the traditional warmups. While not forgetting last year’s anomaly at Arkansas State, the Aggies should be 3-0 going into their second three games.

IT WOULD BE NICE IF KANSAS COULD: Beat Oklahoma in the tournament finals. To do so would affirm that their beating of Oklahoma does not deserve a Blake-Griffin-sized asterisk.

Week 4 finds the Texas A&M Aggies facing the Oklahoma State Cowboys. This Texas A&M Aggies vs Oklahoma State Cowboys showdown will take place on Saturday of week 4. Conference games are always a little more important than other games and this is a Big 12 – South conference battle. The Oklahoma State Cowboys came in with the 36th rated running attack in college football. This game will go to the Oklahoma State Cowboys. As we look at their respective records, we know that the Texas A&M Aggies came in at 9 – 4. And the Cowboys? They finished 2010 at 11 – 2.

The big surprise of the 2007 season is the rapid decent of the Iowa State basketball into second position. This is really turning into a banner year for the Cyclones and opens up the possibility of two perfect seasons going 1-2 in the final rankings. This is a school from the powerhouse Big 12 that has achieved the impossible by losing to both Kent State and Northern Iowa in consecutive weeks. The best hope for Iowa State rests on September 22 with a game against Toledo. Most schools that find their way into the Futility Rankings are heavily focused on basketball. Iowa State is focused simply on losing.

This time, our series takes us to Ames, Iowa, home of the Cyclones. It may not sound like much, but Ames has plenty to offer the football fans of America.

Ok, it’s a week 12 showdown. The Jayhawks of Kansas will go against your Aggies. Watch this college game Saturday of week 12. If you wanted a conference showdown, this week 10 you got it. On offense, the Jayhawks ranked 111th in scoring. The Jayhawks averaged 17.1 points each game last year while the Texas A&M Aggies had 31.2 on the board as an average last year. The Kansas Jayhawks completed the 2010 season with a record of 3 – 9 last year. The winner in this game will be the Texas A&M Aggies.

The Cyclones never got past the Oklahoma 49-yard line after halftime. Backup Jerome Tiller replaced starting quarterback Austen Arnaud on the second drive of the third quarter, but had even less success against the Sooners’ defense.

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