Iron Fist Footwear – Be A Rebel!

The smell of cigarette smoke hangs about you in a cloud. Mark is a whiz with custom ringtones so when you hear R the rims big, do it ride good you know he’s close. Let everyone know that you are open to discussions and suggestions.

People of Marawi City, have you noticed how clean our streets are nowadays? I remember first noticing it when I had to rush early in the morning from our house in Alonto Village going down. I could only see visible parts of vehicles like their mirrors and their reflected lights breaking through the billions of dust, the thickness of an early fog. I watch as children who on their way to pilot school seem amazed at the spectacle of rushing cars – a sight they clearly don’t see everyday in their simple and quiet lives.

Or perhaps you’ll get a few responses naming Russia. After all, Russia recently surpassed the Saudis in crude production. In fact the last time I asked this question, an overwhelming number put Russia at the top of their list.

My mother was “just a housewife” according to my father. She was a very quiet woman, even with me. She always made sure I was dressed in nice clothes and kept me well fed with home cooked meals, but she always seemed a little distant. That was probably because of my father, who ruled not only with an Iron Fist but also an iron tongue. If you stepped out of line he always came up with the perfect words to take you down a notch, the kind that stung and buzzed around in your head, like an angry hornet trapped in a glass jar.

Jimmy Belcher, Wrecker Driver.Jimmy, better known around here as Jimbo Slice is Matt’s Motors wrecker driver. We call him Jimbo Slice because of his days fighting mixed martial arts in the UFC. Jimbo likes to refer to himself as One Badd MOFO and he has driven more miles in reverse than most others have driven forward. Don’t get in his way or you might get run over.

Bad Dad wants to be the coach. You can’t get rid of him. He’ll work hard for you, but he expects inside access in return. He’ll be constantly chatting you up, and he wants to sit in on every practice and coach his son from the sidelines. Because he can’t sit in the chair beside you during the match, he’ll sit on the first row behind you or sometimes even on the floor, often accompanied by Bad Uncle (or Bad Mom,) hollering, coaching, and generally misbehaving. You will have to constantly talk to him, reign him in, and try to control him. Between matches he will over-analyze his son’s mistakes and over coach him to the extreme.

The consequences will be even more drastic: Approximately 90% of Mexico’s electricity generation is dependent on fossil fuels. Recently, the country’s energy minister announced its goal to have 26% of its power-generation come from renewable sources. That may be little more than wishful thinking. Revenue from Pemex accounts for 40% of the country’s budget.

Note: In no way was violence and crime isolated to the black community. All other ethnic affiliations were involved. Watch the movie “Gangs of New York” and you will see the power struggles of a large city.

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