Iowa Football: No More Players Will Be Suspended

Oklahoma does not play Nebraska in the regular season and the Texas win only helps OU’s strength of schedule. A&M beat Mizzou 96-86 after leading by 15-20 points for much of the game. Whatever your football passions, don’t miss this game.
Jack Trice Stadium is home to the Iowa State Cyclones, a team that has one of the most loyal, though suffering, fan bases in college football. Who is this Jack Trice? Not a Heisman winner, not a coach, the story of Jack Trice is one of the best, and most tragic, unknown stories in college football history.

I cover sports for the Des Moines Register. I have covered wrestling for the Register since 1984. I’m a lifelong fan of wrestling and I’ve spent 47 of my 49 years in Iowa. If memory serves me, I’ll be working my 26th state wrestling tournament in February and my 21st dual-meet state tournament in March. I have done several NCAA Division I tournaments, two NCAA Division III meets, several National Open tournaments in Las Vegas, a number of Junior Nationals when it was in Cedar Falls, Warrensburg, Mo., St. Paul and Fargo (before high school baseball captured me), three Olympic Trials and covered Tom Brands (head coach at the University of Iowa) winning a gold medal in 1996 at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

The 2009 Iowa State defense gave up over 415 total yards per contest, and that ranked 99th in the country, the pass defense ranked 103rd overall, giving up over 250 yards per game and that raked 103 in the FBS, the rush defense was not a bad, Iowa State gave up a over 165.7, and that was 86th in the nation, the unit also allowed 21.8 points per game.

NEEDS TO: Beat Texas A&M in the quarterfinals. Of course, some of this depends on A&M getting past Texas Tech, but the Tigers need the Aggies to get past Texas Tech. Mizzou blew a bunch of the capital gained by soundly beating Oklahoma by being routed in College Station. If the Tigers want to avoid a fun 5-12 matchup on Day one of the NCAA tournament, they need to make the final four in Oklahoma City.

After knocking off Texas in their last game, Oklahoma scored their first shutout of the season over the hapless Iowa State basketball. Oklahoma was also helped by a Texas victory on Saturday over undefeated Nebraska. Oklahoma does not play Nebraska in the regular season and the Texas win only helps OU’s strength of schedule.

In the backcourt the Cyclones will be bolstered by transfer Scott Christopherson. He has a lead guard mentality and will push Diante Garrett for minutes. However, with Garrett’s ability to score off the bounce they could play together in the backcourt. Freshman Chris Colvin, who was ranked as a top 100 recruit by many scouting services, will push for playing time.

The Sages of Sport invite you to consider what will happen if the Fighting Irish put a good hurt on the boys in Blue. Whatever your football passions, don’t miss this game. Never has there been a more interesting match up between two 0-2 teams. The Wolverines still have to play out the schedule that they thought was the path to January 2 and the BCS pinnacle. Unfortunately, their current trajectory might take them to the Comedy Club.

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