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Usually that is done on Dancing with the Stars’ results show. Turturro: I could have put the dates and the names. If you listen to the original version, you can hear those things. When I watch it, there are a lot of funny things in it.
Do you remember where you were in the summer of 1965? I’m taking a wild guess that most of you weren’t born yet. For those of us who were, I’m not as old as you think, I was 2 years old in 1965; don’t remember the summer of 1965 either. But music historians do, and Cher fans have become well acquainted with the time. She received her first #1 record then, “All I Really Want To Do.” This was long before the beaded Bob Mackie gowns, the sold-out concert tours, the worldwide smash hits, and film awards would come much later.

Dylan hoped to meet his idol, Woody Guthrie, in New York. He played small clubs and coffeehouses in Greenwich Village and soon made a name for himself. He did find Guthrie in a hospital, unfortunately, dying from Huntington’s chorea. During hospital visits, Bob Dylan, the rock legend, would play songs for the dying Guthrie. He even wrote one for him, “Song to Woody,” which later appeared on his first album.

The films lovers are also well represented. Cher 12 years a slave awards years a slave awards for her performance in “Moonstruck;” She also has a Golden Globe to her credit, a couple of Grammy’s, etc. Cher is the only female performer who has consistently had hits in 4 consecutive decades. No one else has accomplished this, and probably never will. If you were to ask me about the performers of today and their ability to reach the same mark, I would honestly say, “I doubt any of them could or will.” What’s amazing is, she’s still going. She’s vi brant and alive, when she hits that concert stage, it is pure magic.

One duo of directors who have been absolutely amazing over the past few years are the Coen brothers. Joel and Ethan Coen are a set of brothers to be reckoned with. If you have yet to see No Country For Old Men, The Big Lebowski and/or Fargo, you are missing out.

He began to write songs in frenzy, many of which were songs of political protest. In 1963, he released The Freewheelin’Bob Dylan including the hit song “Blowin’ in the Wind.” It had such an impact on the folk community that other musicians began performing his songs. Dylan’s personal life was changing at this time, too. He began a romantic relationship with the folk singer, Joan Baez who also recorded his songs.

A positive review of one of Dylan’s performances at Gerde’s Folk City in Greenwich Village appeared in the New York Times. This led to Columbia Records signing him and the release of his debut album in March of 1962. Bob Dylan, the rock legend, was only 21 years old.

One other film of this incredible actor’s that I feel the need to include on this list is Unleashed, or Danny The Dog. This movie was directed by Danny Boyle, who also directed 28 Days Later, Sunshine, and of course, Slumdog Millionaire.

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