Info 101: Vintage Music 29: Deep Purple In Mpls.; Steve Morse

Either way, you will be a better guitar player for having studied these gems. The third easy songs to play on guitar is Whole Lotta Love. Instead, they will only be able to listen to a playlist by shuffling.
He has been rocking clubs throughout the world for over 20 years and has become a New York institution. His band has played in all of the major clubs in the city and has shared the stage with such super recording artists as the Neville Brothers, Al Greene, The Average White Band, and the Spin Doctors. His group even served as the house band for the NBC television show Last Call With Carson Daly. Despite all of his success, not many people know how Milo Z developed his unique sound.

YES. The best band you’ve never heard. Well SOMEONE must be listening. A rock band doesn’t survive every fluctuation in the industry – from disco to punk to grunge – without someone enjoying their music! Instead of crooning about teenage love and the angst of breaking up, lead singer Jon Anderson has been forever hammered by critics for writing cosmic lyrics that often sound great but make little sense. What the heck is a “Siberian Khatru” anyway?

The contest came down to two women. One was 28-year-old Jennifer Strange. She was the mother of two and was trying to win the Wii for her kids. They offered her front-row tickets for a Justin Timberlake concert that night. She declined. She said her head hurt and that she felt very bloated. She declined the tickets. The contest went on. They kept drinking water. They offered her the tickets again and this time she took the tickets. She came into the studio and everyone laughed and said she looked three months pregnant. She said again she had a headache.

Along the same lines as the how quiet is quiet. On some days, I prefer to write to Mozart and Leona Boyd. On others it’s Led Zeppelin and Beethoven that keeps me thinking. What is your preference? And is it going to provide enough noise that other family members will be disturbed.

It was very difficult. We had to learn to “play by ear.” After you heard a tune on Radio. You then tried to remember the melody line and lyrics. You then would have to search the entire guitar fret board until you found the correct notes. This became even more difficult when I had all six strings. Especially when trying to find whole Chords and Chord progressions.

Davies’ “first gig with a proper camera” came in 1973, when Pink Floyd did their first Dark Side Of The Moon show in London just prior to that landmark album’s release.

Sultans of Swing: Mark Knopfler: Dire Straits: The solos in this song are the epitome of great phrasing and taste. Once you have learned it however, it’s easier to get it back. It’s also fun to have an extended solo where you don’t have to have the gain cranked all the way up.

In early 2005, YES’ 35th Anniversary CD compilation cracked the UK top 10 and stayed there for 3 weeks. Currently the band members are on hiatus and taking a well deserved rest and indulging in solo projects before heading back into the studio once again.

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