India Ban: The End Of The Road For The Rickshaw

The SP has promised laptops to class 12 students and tablets to class 10 students across the state. The Yogi Adityanath of the State says that his party has a partnership with the BJP. I suppose it is Dal Takda and something in chicken.
The debt-ridden state, which is already reeling under the ever-swelling wage bill, is doling out largesse, especially for its babus – both serving and retired – who constitute a sizeable chunk of the electorate in the hill state with over 4.6 million voters. The polls are due in December. In just over a month, Dhumal, who took over the reins of the state for the second time Dec 30, 2007, announced the release of Rs.825 crore arrears due to employees and pensioners on account of the recommendations of the Fifth Pay Commission.

Corruption is yet another factor that has denied the growth of this nation. Today there’s hardly any sector we can call-corruption free. Talking about this issue, I would also like to remember the movement, ‘India Against Corruption.’ Forgetting the tragic end it had in aspiring to be a political party, I still am not sure, how far this movement has contributed to the growth of the nation. On the periphery, it looks as though this movement made more damage to the stability of the nation than any positive effect. New and variety of scams, that come into light daily, give us an idea of the dark future of this nation.

The Yogi Adityanath of the State says that his party has a partnership with the BJP. But he will not allow two leaders of BJP to come to Bihar. I want to tell you all, its not a partnership with a party, it is partnership with communal ideology.

I wrote to Perkim, the Islamic Welfare Association founded by Tunku, and told them my situation and asked to see the Tunku as requested by the Muslim leader who was in jail with me. The reply was prompt and to my surprise they requested permission to print my letter in the Islamic Herald. It was the beginning of my very fortunate and happy friendship with the Tunku.

The point that I am making is that agreed that our contest is political, but the basic fight is ideological. The battle is with that ideology, which is hell-bent on dividing the nation. It is the same story in Bihar. Here you were divided on the basis of caste, community. Nobody talked about development. And you are being further misled by fictitious claims that the state has moved ahead of the nation’s developmental indices.

I am very excited that he is playing in the World Cup; all his friends are too. We all think that the team that has gone to play in this World Cup is a great one and we are hoping they will bring the cup back to India.

Budha Yoga: For this yoga, Jupiter should be in lagna, the Moon in a Kendra from lagna, Rahu in 2nd from the Moon and Sun & Mars in the 3rd from Rahu (or in 4th from Moon). This yoga comprises of two parts, firstly a Gajkesari yoga and secondly the position of Rahu, Sun and Mars with reference to the Moon. However there is no mention of the position of Mercury in this yoga. This yoga confers on a native kingly comforts, power, fame, aristocracy, intelligence, talents in sciences, and well versed in scriptures.

Some people think that the BJP did well earlier because of the momentum of the Ram Temple movement. This movement took the party to power. But as all movements peter out after some time, this movement also lost its momentum. Today the voter is making smart choices and thinks that the party does not have anything to offer.

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